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    19 Things You Probably Loved As A Kid In The Early 2000s That Are Cool Again

    BRB, buying everything I wanted as a kid with my adult money.

    1. A pair of chunky Steve Madden platform sandals that are finally trendy again. They'll give you the height of a high heel without all of the discomfort, so you'll be able to walk and dance in them all night long.

    A person wearing the shoes against a plain background

    2. A clear baguette purse to keep all of your essentials contained while showing off everything you keep in your bag. Even though it's small, it'll still hold everything you need from your iPhone to your Game Boy 😉.

    The purse filled with stuff hanging off of the handlebar of a vespa

    3. A tube of Urban Decay glitter gel that'll give you the fairy sparkle makeup ~lewk~ six-year-old you dreamed about. It'll stick right to your skin and stay put all day (or night), so you won't have to worry about touch-ups while you're out.

    A person with the glitter gel on their cheeks and nose

    4. A copy of Hilary Duff's Most Wanted on vinyl if you want to add some of your preteen anthems to your growing record collection. It includes iconic songs like Come Clean that'll take you right back to the days you wished you could spend with LC and the gang in Laguna Beach.

    The cover of the vinyl and the disk popping out to reveal the splatter pattern on it in front of a plain background

    5. A set of 3D butterfly stickers with LED lights on them that you can stick all over your walls for a total bedroom throwback. They have a flashing setting or you can make them cycle through a selection of colours for more of a chill vibe.

    a bunch of the butterfly stickers lit up on the wall

    6. And a pack of butterfly hair clips that'll hold your tresses back just like they did in the late '90s. Each set comes with a rainbow of colours, so you can mix 'em up or match them to your OOTD.

    A bunch of the clips mixed together on a plate

    7. A pack of Sailor Moon-themed joystick covers that'll slip onto your Nintendo Switch controllers to provide some extra grip while you're gaming. They'll also prevent your fingers from cramping, so you can play Animal Crossing for *that* much longer.

    The joy con caps on a Nintendo Switch controller

    8. An oversized bean bag chair if you want to lounge in absolute comfort while you watch your favourite childhood flicks. The filling is made of memory foam that’ll be a tad more supportive than the squishy and slouchy beanbags from your youth.

    the big beanbag chair in a living room next to a lamp

    9. A transparent casette player if you want to ditch the streaming apps and kick it old school with a mix tape. It even has an AM/FM radio function, so you can listen to the most popular hits from today, too.

    A cassette player with earbuds on a plain background

    10. A pack of disposable popsicle freezer bags if you want to get creative and DIY your favourite frozen treat from your youth. Fill them with your fave juices, yogurt, or cocktails for a fun new way to consume your signature ~beveragino~ during your weekly Bachelor viewing party.

    The freezer bag full while sitting in an ice bucket on a beach

    11. A disposable camera that'll encourage you to live in the moment instead of fretting over the best selfie angles to post on Insta. Once you've used all the film, the collection of snapshots will be like an IRL photo dump you can stick into an album or scrapbook.

    A person's hand holding up the camera against a plain background

    12. A snack-inspired AirPods Pro case that'll keep your earbuds protected while you're not listening to your fave bubblegum pop tunes. You can clip the case to your bag to keep it easy to grab on your morning commute.

    the bubblegum AirPods Case hanging from a backpack

    13. A pair of crocs to keep your tootsies happy and super stylish through the summer. They're comfy and light-as-air, meaning they're perfect to pack for your next adventure. Now you can finally ditch those shoes that pinch your feet.

    A closeup of two people's feet both wearing crocs

    14. And a pack of shoe charms that'll give your favourite clogs even more ✨personality✨. Share 'em with friends or swap them out to make your footwear feel brand new.

    A bunch of shoe charms on a pair of crocs

    15. A plush cell phone charm so you can clean any smears or fingerprints off your screen. It'll attach to the loop of your phone case (over the mute switch) Bonus: you won't have to win it out of a vending machine.

    A person using the charm to wipe their phone screen

    16. A paint-by-sticker book if you loved paint-by-number projects as a kid but hated the clean up. Just peel and stick the colourful shapes onto the corresponding numbered spots to reveal geometric masterpieces inspired by vintage travel posters.

    the front cover of the book

    17. A classic game of Guess Who? for anyone who's a fan of reliving their glory days through the magic of board games. You can even play the more suggestive adult version (as seen on TikTok).

    A person holding up the cards of the game over the vintage board

    18. A lil' tie-dye kit that'll turn your boring old white clothes and accessories into the brightest pieces in your wardrobe. Use one colour for a monochromatic look or use 'em all for a traditional swirly design you donned as a youngster.

    19. And finally, a bucket hat to keep the sun out of your eyes while you lounge outside this summer. Reviewers say it’s super breathable, so your head won’t get sweaty while you’re wearing it.

    A person wearing the hat outside

    Me buying everything I wanted 20 years ago:

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