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    25 Things You’ll Need If You Basically Live On The Hot Mess Express

    There's no mess too big or too small that these can't fix.

    1. A set of stackable food storage containers that'll keep your produce fresh for longer. Each container has a built-in colander and drain, so washing and rinsing your fruits and veggies will be a breeze, too.

    2. A magnetic knife block to keep all of your pointiest kitchen tools in one place. Knives will stick to both sides, meaning your entire set will be within reach when you're prepping your next culinary creation.

    A person reaching for a knife on the block

    3. A set of adhesive caddy shelves that'll stick anywhere you need a little extra storage. You won't need to drill any holes to hang them up, either, so they're perfect for renters.

    The caddy shelves hung up on a tile wall in a bathroom

    4. An extra-long scrubbing brush that'll reach to the deepest and darkest corners of your water bottles. Let's be real, you haven't properly cleaned yours since you bought them and this will make sure every last crevice is squeaky clean.

    victoria holding up the extra long scrubbing sponge with a sink in the background

    5. An upholstered ottoman that'll store extra throws, toys, shoes, or anything else that needs a home. Reviewers say it's super sturdy, meaning you can even use it as extra seating when you have guests over.

    the ottoman in a room with a pillow on top of it

    6. A pack of wet wipes that'll come to the rescue whenever there's a tiny mess to clean up. They'll be your BFF when you can't get to a sink, and they're antibacterial, so they'll wash and disinfect at the same time.

    the pack of wipes on a table next to melting popsicles

    7. A set of bamboo storage boxes that'll keep your different resealable baggies from getting mixed up in your drawer. They're labelled by size, so you won't accidentally grab a snack bag when you meant to get a sandwich one.

    the boxes in a drawer with baggies inside of them

    8. A shoe organizer that'll help keep your growing collection of footwear from taking over your entryway. It even has pockets for slimmer shoes (like sandals and flats) to help maximize space for boots and heels in the main cubbies. Reviewers have even used it to organize their kid's toys.

    the shoe organizer in a room filled with shoes

    9. A lil' desktop bookshelf if your office space has turned into your home's chaos corner. You can configure it as one long shelf, or as a corner shelf if your desk is against a wall.

    the shelf in the corner on a desk holding books

    10. A pack of pumice stones that you can use to scrub grime off of every surface in your home. Since they're slim, they'll easily reach into impossible-to-get-to places (like between tiles or behind the toilet). Reviewers say they have serious cleaning power and get rid of stains that bleach can't bust.

    A person using the stone to clean the inside of their toilet

    11. And a gel toilet stamp that'll stick to the inside of the bowl and keep your toilet looking and smelling ~fresh~ between chore days. Since it does a teeny clean every time you flush, you won't have to put in as much scrubbing power when you do your weekly wash.

    12. A double-sided cleaning pen that'll safely clear all of the dust, dirt, and gross earwax buildup out of your earbuds. The pointy side will get into all of those tiny crevices to make your buds look like new, while the brush attachment will help get all of the crumbs out of your keyboard.

    Kaysey holding the cleaning pen that has a piece of earwax on the tip

    13. A hanging shower caddy to keep all of the products from your multi-step haircare routine from taking over your entire shower. It'll fit up to eight products and even has a little ledge to store your razor.

    the shower caddy in a shower with products hanging on it

    14. A stackable wire shelf that'll organize all of the produce you don't have room for in your fridge. It can be even be used as toy storage for kiddos and since it's on wheels, it'll be easy to roll it back into the corner and out of the way.

    the wire shelf holding produce in a kitchen

    15. A reusable pet hair remover that'll pick up everything your dog or cat has shed like a magnet. Simply dump the fur out when it gets full and it'll be ready to roll the next time your couch looks like it's covered in a fur blanket.

    A person using the hair remover on a couch cushion

    16. An over-the-toilet storage shelf for all the stuff you can’t fit under your sink. Reviewers like that it has hooks on the sides for hanging towels and hair-styling tools.

    the shelf in a bathroom over a toilet holding baskets and plants

    17. A hanging purse organizer so you can keep all of your handbags in one place and easy to grab. Now you can finally take them off that doorknob you've been using to store them.

    The bag organizer hanging up in a closet with bags in all of the cubby holes

    18. A Tide To-Go pen that'll quickly remove stains as soon as they appear. Gone are the days of worrying about that oil or pasta sauce sticking around on your shirt for the rest of the day (or night).

    Bianca holding up the tide pen in front of a tree

    19. A cosmetic organizer with drawers to store all of your lotions and potions in one place instead scattering them all over your bathroom vanity. It has a light-up mirror with a 360-degree swivel, so you can get up close and personal for detailed work (like plucking stray brow hairs or painting on the perfect winged liner).

    the organizer full of product in front of a plain background

    20. Or a rotating acrylic organizer if your collection of products includes bottles of all shapes and sizes. The shelves are adjustable, meaning even your tallest can of hairspray and awkwardly-shaped perfume bottles will fit.

    the organizer full of products on a bathroom counter

    21. A stackable cupboard organizer to keep your cans from spilling out of your cabinets or pantry. You'll be able to take inventory of what you have at a glance, so you won't have to empty the whole shelf to find the last cream of mushroom soup when you're in a pinch.

    The can organizer full off different cans on a counter in a kitchen

    22. A set of six clear drawer organizers that'll keep all of your cosmetics, office supplies, or accessories in their proper little homes. Since everything will have a designated place, you won't have to dig through an endless pile of stuff to find a hair elastic or tube of lipstick.

    A set of clear organizers with different cosmetic items in it in a drawer

    23. A Swiffer duster that'll be a magnet for all of the dust that typically gets missed during your weekly chore sesh. The extendable handle can be stretched up to six feet, so you can stay safely on the ground while you clean your light fixtures or the tops of your cupboards.

    Victoria using the extendable swiffer to clean a light fixture

    24. A pair of hanging shelf baskets if you want to max out the storage space in your cupboards. They'll slide right onto your shelves and make smaller items like granola bars and extra coffee pods easy to grab.

    a pair of hanging shelf baskets mounted on cabinet shelves

    25. And finally, a pack of cleaning pods that'll get the gunk out of your Keurig machine (let's be honest, you haven't thought about cleaning it since you bought it). You won't have to spend an hour scrubbing the inside of your appliance, so you'll be able to get back to brewing your favourite blend in no time.

    A bunch of the cleaning pods against a plain background

    You after ordering everything and getting your place squeaky clean:

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