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    24 Things For Your Home Everybody Will Be Shocked Are From Amazon Canada

    No, seriously...they're all from Amazon.

    1. A mirrored tray with gold accents that you can use to display your perfume collection or hold your keys. Reviewers have even used it in their bathrooms, so they have a dedicated to put their jewellery while they wash their hands or shower.

    the tray on a table with perfume and pearls in it

    2. A floral wall tapestry that'll look perfect hanging behind your bed. It'll bring a pop of colour to bland walls and you can even pop some twinkly lights behind it for some extra *glow*.

    The tapestry behind a bed in a bedroom

    3. A bar cart that'll keep all your cocktail-making accessories in one place, so you won’t have to rummage through your cupboards to find what you need. It has swivelling wheels, which means you’ll be able to roll it around your apartment the next time you entertain.

    The bar cart in a dining room with bottles, coffee, wine glasses, and flowers on it

    4. And a set of rainbow wine glasses if you want to add a pop of colour to your setup (your current stems probably need replacing anyways). Since each glass is a different hue, you won't mix up your drink with your bestie's at your next chardonnay and charcuterie night.

    the wine glasses on a table next to a cheese platter

    5. A crescent moon tabletop shelf if your ✨crystal collection✨ has outgrown the small bowl you're currently keeping it in. Since the shelves are different heights, they'll hold rocks of all shapes and sizes (like your tall points and wonky clusters).

    the moon shelf on a desk with crystals in it

    6. A set of wall decals that'll look more like mini hand-painted murals than a stickers (plus, no artistic skill are needed). They'll easily transform the look of your space without the headache of installing wallpaper or actually painting a dainty design.

    the wall decals over a mirror

    7. A round mirror to add some modern sophistication to your entryway, bathroom, or bedroom. Reviewers are obsessed with the simple metallic frame and even say it's a great dupe for other mirrors that are double the price.

    the round mirror over a dresser in a bedroom

    8. A key holder that'll 🤘amp🤘 up your front entryway. Each keyring will securely snap into the holder, so they'll be easy to grab on your way out and won't get tangled or mixed up like they would in a bowl.

    A set of keys, sunglasses, and a flashlight plugged into the key holder while it is mounted on a wall

    9. A roll of frosted window film that'll stop nosy neighbours from peeking into your place, while still letting in plenty of light. Reviewers love that it totally changes the look of their windows with low cost and minimal effort.

    the film on a window in a bedroom

    10. A hanging macrame shelf to hold all of the teeny trinkets you can't find a home for. It’ll add to the totally boho feel you’ve got going on and reviewers like that they can play around with the knots to adjust the height of the shelf and make it fit perfectly into their space.

    a macrame shelf hanging from the wall with plants on it

    11. A set of minimalist botanical prints that’ll bring some greenery into your home (without all the hassle of plant care). Hang them together for an easy-peasy gallery wall or split them up throughout your home.

    The set of six prints hanging on a wall in a living room

    12. A set of minimalist wooden hooks that'll save you from hanging all of your stuff off of doorknobs (it me). Reviewers love that aside from looking beautiful, they're also surprisingly strong.

    The hooks on a wall holding up a bag

    13. A bath mat that'll add a cheeky finishing touch to your bathroom. The silicone grips on the bottom will stick to the floor, so it won't slide around when you take your first step out of the shower.

    A person stepping onto the bath mat on a wooden floor

    14. A lil' tabletop mirror you can prop on your dresser if you don't have space for a full-blown vanity in your room. Reviewers say it's also the perfect size to keep on their desks for touch-ups during the work day.

    the mirror on a table next to a bottle of serum and lipstick

    15. A hanging woven basket you can use to store fruit in your kitchen or as a home for your plant babies with dangling vines. Reviewers like that it helps keep their counters and tables clutter-free and easy to clean.

    the basket hanging from the ceiling with plants in it

    16. A mid-century modern-inspired coffee table that looks like it was taken right out of Don Draper's office. It has plenty of storage space that you can use for extra books, remotes, and whatever else is currently strewn across your living room floor.

    the wood coffee table in the middle of a living room in front of a couch and on top of a rug

    17. An iridescent glass vase that'll be almost as pretty as the blooms you'll be displaying in it. Reviewers love that the narrow top makes their arrangements look fuller by keeping all of the stems together.

    The vase on a table with flowers inside of it next to a painting and a salt lamp

    18. An oversized rope basket if your collection of throw blankets has completely overtaken your living room. It'll look more like decor than storage, so it won't clash with your design vibes.

    The basket in a room with blankets and pillows stored inside of it

    19. An over-the-toilet storage shelf for all the stuff you can’t fit under your sink. It has hooks on the sides for hanging towels and hair-styling tools.

    the shelf in a bathroom over a toilet holding baskets and plants

    20. A set of glass apothecary jars that'll keep all of your bathroom doodads (like cotton swabs and hair elastics) from cluttering up your vanity. The bottom tray can double as a dish for a seasonal candle or a tray to hold lotions and perfume.

    The tray with two glass jars on it on a bathroom counter

    21. And a set of shallow rope baskets you'll be able to use to display seasonal decor or as a catchall for bits and bobs. They nest together when they're empty, meaning they won't take up too much space.

    a person's hand reaching for fruit from the woven basket

    22. A mini book tree that'll hold your home library while looking like decor. Since it's small, you can pop it up on a table if you're short on floor space.

    The book tree with books on it on a floor

    23. A trio of hanging planters that'll display your beloved plants or keep fresh herbs handy in the kitchen while you're cooking. Reviewers love that they don't have to worry about them crashing down when they water their greens since they're so lightweight.

    The planters hanging from a window

    24. And finally, a butterfly-shaped LED lamp that'll illuminate your room with a rosy glow. It'll bring a cool Y2K look to your space all of the Gen-Zers in your life will be supes jealous of.

    The butterfly-shaped lamp lit up in a room

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