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    I Tried HelloFresh, And It *Literally* Taught Me How To Cook

    And you can get up to 20 free meals off right now!

    Hi, I'm Bianca, and before last week I didn't really know how to cook anything other than spaghetti bolognese and Caesar salad. I desperately want to get better at cooking because I'll be living on my own eventually and I want to have more than two trusty recipes in my back pocket. HelloFresh literally came to my rescue (and landed right on my doorstep) with their meal kits, and I am never looking back.

    the box from HelloFresh on Bianca's doorstep

    HelloFresh is a meal delivery service that's essentially a subscription box for yummy food. You choose what you're getting each week, and the plans are pretty customizable. You can pick between meal sizes (for two, or for four), how many recipes you want per week, and between a bunch of other options. There is something for everybody's taste and pricing starts at under $10 per person, per meal!

    a screenshot of the Hello Fresh Website

    Every recipe is broken down into five or six easy steps that even the most unskilled of home cooks (it me) can follow. The best part? All of the ingredients come pre-portioned (even vinegar comes in a little cup with the exact amount you need), so there's no guessing game when it comes to measurements or any waste after you're HelloFresh meal is done.

    Bianca holding up a tiny container of balsamic vinegar

    I get a little nervous around raw meat, so I opted for mostly vegetarian meals. I started with a salad topped with halloumi and snap peas. This took me around 20 quick minutes to throw together. I followed all of the steps to a T, and to my surprise my meal looked just like the very aesthetically-pleasing photo on the recipe card.

    My second meal was a mascarpone-filled squash ravioli with a mushroom and spinach cream sauce and O-M-G. This was by far the best thing my two hands have ever made. I brought the pre-packed bag to a friends house and cooked it there. Once again, it came together very fast, and looked just like the example photo (it was also very delicious).

    I returned to my own kitchen to make my last HelloFresh meal kit. It was a creamy pesto tortellini with veggies and I even got brave and added some crispy bacon to it (which really added to the dish). I had leftovers of this one, too, so I ate it for lunch the next day and it was just as tasty.

    Bianca holding up a plate of the finished tortellini above a checkerboard floor

    Once I finished cooking all of my meal kits, I was totally feeling like I was one step closer to becoming a better home cook. Everything I ate was easy to make, truly scrumptious, and taught me techniques I can use when I cook other meals (like those croutons in the salad).

    Bianca holding up all of the meal cards over her oven

    Best of all, HelloFresh is way more affordable than getting the ingredients yourself at the grocery store. Plus, you're never left with extra produce that's destined to rot in your crisper drawer before you throw it away.

    So, if you're like me and want to learn how to cook, or you want to break out of your dinner recipe rut, or you want to save some money while still eating delicious meals, look no further than HelloFresh. Your tummy will thank you.