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    If Your Goal This Year Is To Work Smarter And Not Harder, Here Are 18 Products From Amazon Canada That'll Help You Do Just That

    A fridge deodorizer, a spinning caddy, an adorable egg separator, and more.

    1. A rotating acrylic organizer if your selection of beauty products includes bottles of all shapes and sizes. The shelves are adjustable, meaning even your tallest can of hairspray and any awkwardly-shaped perfume bottles will fit.

    2. A Joe Snow refrigerator deodorizer that'll keep your fridge smelling fresh. Fill the bottom chamber with baking soda and the vents will help filter out the bad odours. Its petite size and slim design means it won't take up too much valuable shelf space, either.

    the fridge deodorizer on a shelf in the fridge

    3. A pack of resuable twist ties that'll fix all of your tiniest problems. They'll hold your headphones together, stop cords from getting tangled, and keep a bread bag closed in a pinch, so you can say goodbye to flimsy, single-use ties for good.

    the twist tie being used to hold headphones together

    4. A platypus-shaped spatula that'll help you reach to the very bottoms of your jars so you can snatch up every last bit of flavourful goodness. It'll also be helpful for getting your containers squeaky-clean before you recycle them.

    somebody using the spatula to get jam out of a jar

    5. A set of storage cubes for your drawers that'll give all of your dresser items their own lil' homes. They'll fit everything from bras to your graphic T-shirts and can fold down flat when you're done using them.

    the storage cubes in a dresser drawer

    6. An adorable ceramic egg separator that'll split your yolks from your whites and save you from getting your hands dirty. It'll also be way easier to catch pieces of shell before you accidentally mix them in with your other ingredients.

    a person pouring the egg whites from the gadget into a small bowl

    7. A set of velvet scrunchies with hidden pockets that'll keep your valuables safe. You can store your keys inside of them while you're on a run or stuff 'em with emergency cash on nights out.

    A velvet scrunchie with a zipper in it on a table on top of an invitaton

    8. A pack of appliance cord organizers that'll keep cords and plugs from cluttering up your counters (and getting tangled). They'll stick right to the back of your appliances and they even have a little prong to hold the plug in place.

    a person wrapping the cord around the organizer on a kettle

    9. A roll of frosted window film to stop nosy neighbours from peeking into your place while still letting in plenty of light. Reviewers love that it totally changes the look of their windows with low cost and minimal effort.

    the film on a window in a bedroom

    10. An over-the-toilet storage shelf for anybody who's tired of an avalanche of products falling on them when they open their bathroom cupboards. It'll hold all the stuff you can’t fit under your sink and it has hooks on the sides for hanging towels or hair-styling tools.

    the shelf in a bathroom over a toilet holding baskets and plants

    11. An air fryer toaster oven that'll become your new go-to kitchen appliance. It'll fry, bake, and broil your meals to perfection and it has two shelves, so you can make two things at once.

    the toaster oven on a marble counter beside peaches and granola

    12. A desktop bookshelf if your office space has turned into your home's chaos corner. You can configure it as one long unit or as a corner shelf — who doesn't love options?

    the shelf in the corner on a desk holding books

    13. A set of luggage cubes that'll make packing for all of your 2023 trips a total breeze. They'll save you from overfilling your suitcase and reviewers say they also make finding specific items way easier when they reach their destination.

    the packing cubes filled with clothes in a luggage

    14. A pack of webcam covers that you can easily slide open for your work meetings and close when they're over (so your webcam will only see what you want it to see). They'll stick right to your screen and, since they're slim, your laptop will still be able to close normally.

    the patterned webcam covers on a table next to office supplies

    15. A petite manual chopper for anybody who couldn't evenly dice food if their life depended on it. You can use it to slice up fruits, veggies, nuts, and herbs in a flash, and you won't have to worry about cutting your hands with a sharp knife.

    the chopper in front of a plain background

    16. A purse insert to keep the contents of your tote in order. It's got a bunch of pockets that'll make all of your essentials easy to find in a pinch, so you won't have to dig through the bottom of your bag to find your lip balm.

    the organizer in a bag

    17. A set of car organizers that'll fit in the gaps between your console and seat, giving you space for your to-go cup and a full-sized wallet (they even have LED lights and USB outlets so you can charge your phone).

    the organizers in a car and a smaller photo showing what they look like lit up

    18. And finally, a set of hydrocolloid pimple patches that'll suck the life out of blemishes within hours. They'll flatten zits and can even be covered with makeup, so you can wear them out and about without anyone knowing.

    You while your new stuff does all of the work for you this year:

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