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    25 Fun And Funky Finds That Have Big Spring Energy

    The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and I am excited about it.

    1. A set of sprout bookmarks that'll make your novels look like they're growing a secret garden. They're made of grippy so they won't slip out of the pages and since they lay flat, they won't bend or crease your novels, either.

    three of the sprout bookmarks in a book

    2. A crochet Lilies of the Valley lamp if you want some seasonal decor to your space that's also functional. The light will shine through the gaps in the stitching to cast a soft amber glow, meaning it'll make an adorbs night light, too.

    the lamp lit up on a desk next to a computer

    3. A ruched shoulder bag because tiny purses have made a major comeback and TBH, you're all about it. It has enough room to hold your phone (and whatever else you need) for a night out on the town.

    a model holding the bag with their leg bent in front of a bright backdrop

    4. A wavy tabletop mirror with a pastel '80s vibe that TikTok has been loving recently. It's the perfect size to brighten up your teeny entryway or to perch on your vanity — heck, you could even add it to your gallery wall.

    the mirror leaning against a wall on a ledge

    5. A garden planner and log book so you can get to planning your veggie patch before it's time to plant (the clock is ticking). You'll be able to set your budget, lay out the garden, schedule your seed planting, and fill out a weekly care plan to stay totally on top of everything ahead of time.

    the front cover of the book

    6. A potted grass pen stand that'll keep all of your writing utensils looking bloomin' lovely on your desk. It'll be perfect for giving your workspace some greenery, and best of all, you won't have to worry about keeping alive.

    a few writing utensils in the grassy pot on a shelf next to some books

    7. A pair of resin daisy chain earrings if statement dangles are your current fave accessories. The flowers are all different colours, so they'll compliment all of your spring 'fits perfectly.

    a model wearing he earrings with a checkered outfit

    8. A floral monogram trinket tray that you can use to hold all of your bits and bobs. Pop it beside the kitchen sink to hold your rings while you do the dishes, or by your front door to chuck your keys in when you get home.

    three of the trinket trays with jewellery on them

    9. A short jumpsuit that'll be an easy one-step outfit for comfy days. Using it as a layering piece will give your ensemble a totally retro feel, and it'll be a breeze to move in so you can wear it straight to your Pilates class.

    10. A grout pen because no amount of spring cleaning will get yours to sparkle again (and you also don't feel like ripping it out). One swipe will make your floor, backsplash, or shower grout look brand-spankin' new.

    a person using the grout pen on a tile backsplash

    11. A pack of floral claw clips that'll give your messy updos a cute lil' upgrade. They're strong enough to keep thicker manes in place, and the matte finish will keep strands from slipping out while you're running around.

    one of the floral clips in a person's hair

    12. A ceramic fruit bowl that'll keep your farmers' market picks fresh 'n' delectable. It has drainage holes, so you can pop freshly-washed berries inside without worrying about the bottom ones getting soggy before you can eat them.

    the container with painted strawberries on it and cranberries inside

    13. An oversized funnel-neck half-zip sweatshirt to keep you toasty during spring's transitional temps. It's made of a soft, fleecy fabric that's thick and cozy, so you can still stay warm on brisk days.

    victoria wearing the half zip sweatshirt while sipping a coffee

    14. A twisted headband to bring a fun pop of colour to your plain outfits. It'll look great with a fancy frock or jeans and a T-shirt, and the soft print is a great way to add some festive florals into your wardrobe without being covered in them from head to toe.

    a bunch of the headbands laying together in front of a plain background

    15. A pair of sunglasses that'll shield your eyes from the bright afternoon sun you've waited all winter for. The oversized square frames will add some '70s flair to your wardrobe, too.

    two people wearing the sunglasses

    16. An oversized tote bag that you can stuff to your heart's content before your park picnics with pals. It has two easy-to-reach internal pockets, so you won't have to rummage around for your phone or keys.

    a person sitting at an outdoor table with the bag around their shoulder

    17. A tube of Glossier high-shine lipstick to give your pout a subtle pop of glossy colour. It's sheer, but you can build it up for a more pigmented look and is formulated with hyaluronic acid that'll keep your lips moisturized all day long.

    a split photo of Bianca showing the difference between one layer and two layers of the lipstick

    18. A portable water bowl so your fur baby can rehydrate while they're tearing it up on a sunny hike. The water dispenses into a handy built-in bowl, meaning it'll be a breeze for them to drink on the go.

    Bianca offering her dog a drink from the bottle

    19. A classic satin slip dress that'll take you from day to night all season long. Pair it with sneakers for a casual look, or dress it up with a pair of heels for perfect wedding guest attire.

    20. A groovy mushroom Wildflower iPhone 12 case that'll keep your device looking 💯 while protecting it from dings and drops. The side buttons will still be easily accessible, and since the bumper is black, it won't end up looking dingy after a few months (like your clear case currently does).

    a person holding a phone up that has the case on it

    21. A LEGO floral arrangement kit so you can construct your dream bouquet. It'll provide you with a couple hours of screen-free fun and the flowers will live forever, so you won't need to worry about keeping them watered.

    A person touching the floral arrangement while it sits in a vase.

    22. And a ceramic bust vase if you want to have a little art in every corner of your home. You can use it to display your weekly fresh blooms (or LEGO bouquet 😉), but it'll look just as good empty, too.

    the vase with flowers in it on a table

    23. A crochet hair bandana that'll give your OOTD that breezy bohemian look. It has an adjustable tie, so it won't give you a headache, even if you wear it for hours.

    A model wearing the bandana in their hair in front of a plain background

    24. A Freck faux freckle pen so you can make your beauty marks *pop* because the sun hasn't done it for you yet. The formula is buildable, so you can make your freckles as subtle or as bold as you want (it'll also look super natural if you don't have any to begin with).

    victoria with faux freckles dabbed onto her face

    25. And finally, an oversized trench coat that'll elevate all of your spring outfits (even the basic ones). Plus, it'll have you covered if you get caught in a sprinkle of rain.

    a model wearing the trench over jeans and a shirt

    Winter is officially behind us, ya'll!

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