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    This Canadian Bedding Company Has Everything You'll Need To Give Your Bed A Luxurious Upgrade

    They'll make great gifts, too!

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    If you're anything like me, your favourite place to be is tucked into your cozy bed. I'm a big fan of naps/sleeping in general, and getting a restful sleep every night is my top priority. Luckily for me (and you, obviously) Canadian Down and Feather Company has all of the luxury products you need to get a stellar night's sleep.

    Bianca laying in her bed wearing a cozy hooded sweater

    Canadian Down and Feather Company has a selection of duvets, pillows, cushions, and mattress toppers that are all manufactured in (you guessed it!) Canada.

    a person hiding under their duvet in bed with a cup of coffee in their hand

    They're also super transparent about making the production of their products as environmentally-conscious as possible, including using ethically-sourced materials and making sure their operations are carbon-neutral.

    two fluffy pillows and a duvet on a bed

    If you're looking to get a better night's rest or to give your favourite people the gift of an evening of deep snoozing, these are the Canadian Down and Feather Company products I would personally love to cocoon myself in.

    1. The Down Perfect Pillow that'll give you your beauty rest (and then some). It's broken down into three chambers: the centre one is filled with plush and supportive goose feathers, while the outer two are stuffed with soft down that'll cushion your noodle. The result is a just-firm-enough pillow that'll work for side, back, and stomach sleepers.

    the pillow in front of a bright background with a leaf design

    2. A gel microfibre pillow for anyone who doesn't love ultra-soft and squishy down-filled cushions. Since the microfibre is more dense, it'll be a tad more supportive for your neck and back (while still being suitable for all sleeping positions).

    the pillow in the packaging in front of a dark background

    3. A Hutterite White Goose Down Duvet that's made with Canadian-derived fill for some homegrown comfort. It'll turn your nightly slumber into a straight-up luxurious event with its ultra-plush texture that'll keep you extra toasty, too.

    the duvet coming out of the package in front of a bright background

    4. The Down Perfect Feather Bed mattress topper that's ideal for anyone who isn't loving how soft their mattress currently is. It'll add some additional support, and it's lined with breathable cotton to keep things breezy while you catch some z's.

    the mattress topper in the packaging in front of leaves

    5. And finally, a White Down Cushion because the pillows on your couch should be just as comfy as the ones on your bed. It's filled with duck down, meaning it's soft, squishy, and ready for a cuddle on movie night.

    So if you're looking to upgrade your sleeping sitch, or give a practical, yet thoughtful gift this holiday season, look no further than Canadian Down and Feather Company. Luxurious and Canadian-made? Sign me up!