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    19 Subtly Witchy Products For Anyone Who Loves Mystical Things, But Doesn't Want To Live In A Full-Blown Haunted House

    It's just a bunch of hocus-pocus.

    1. A tarot deck that'll answer all of your biggest questions about life and the universe. The cards are adorned with whimsical woodland-themed artwork, so they're a little different from more traditional sets of tarot cards.

    Bianca holding up a card above the rest of the deck that is fanned out

    2. A deck of lunar-themed oracle cards that'll help you decode even more messages from the ✨universe✨. They'll help enhance regular tarot readings by giving you even more in-depth messages to translate.

    The front of the box and a few of the cards scattered around it on a plain background

    3. A ~handy~ palmistry jewellery stand that'll keep your growing collection of necklaces, rings, and bracelets from getting tangled while you're not wearing them.

    The jewellery stand with jewellery on it on a table beside a pair of glasses

    4. A moon lamp that'll make your bedroom look out of this world. It's a realistic model of the actual moon with different brightness levels and two light temperatures, all of which can be controlled by simply tapping the lamp.

    The lamp sitting on a wooden stand on a table

    5. A mini cauldron mug that'll hold your most powerful morning potion (coffee). Reviewers say that it's really sturdy and they love that it's larger than most mugs, so they can have an big cup of java on the mornings they need it.

    a cauldron-shaped mug with the words witches brew on the front

    6. A crystal-infused body oil that'll add some extra hydration to dry skin. It's full of vitamin E and coconut oil and it'll also add a subtle shimmer that'll make you sparkle throughout the day.

    a group of the bottle of body oils on a plain background

    7. A duvet cover set covered in constellations that'll show off your love of the stars and all the zodiac signs (even Geminis). It has a hidden zipper and ties in the inner corners that'll keep your duvet from sliding around while you snooze.

    a closeup of the duvet showing the design

    8. A crescent moon macramé wall hanging that'll turn your bedroom into a mystical oasis. It comes with a string of fairy lights that'll illuminate through the strings and cast a dreamy glow in the room.

    The moon shaped macrame wall hanging on a wall beside some candles

    9. A set of makeup brushes that'll blend your shadows and highlighters like ~magic~. Each brush has a unique wand-inspired handle that you can use to get glam in a flash.

    A person holding up the wand brushes above a table

    10. A peel 'n' stick crystal suncatcher that'll cling right to the corner of your window and reflect a kaleidoscope of rainbow fragments all over your room when the sun hits the glass.

    The suncatcher in the bottom corner of a window in a room

    11. A pair of gilded angel number earrings that'll remind you to pay attention to divine messages telling you that the universe always has your back.

    the earrings against a plain background

    12. A journal that'll help you keep track of everything you're currently working on manifesting. It has daily prompts if you need a little help getting started, and plenty of encouraging quotes that'll keep you inspired.

    13. A golden banner of the moon phases that'll add some ✨lunar energy🌙 to whatever room you hang it in. The metallic charms will glisten whenever the sun hits them just right.

    The banner hanging over a couch

    14. A planter with a stand that'll give your leafy babies a dark gothic vibe. It'll elevate them higher than a regular pot would, meaning it's perfect for greens with dangling vines.

    the planter on the stand against a plain background

    15. And a set of watering bulbs that'll give your plants their own feline familiars. They'll keep your green friends hydrated by slowly releasing aqua into the soil. Reviewers say they’ve even brought plants back from the brink of death.

    The cat shaped watering bulb filled with water in a plant

    16. A strand of celestial string lights that'll bathe your space in literal starlight. You can choose between a subtle low-light mode and a twinkling display to create a cozy atmosphere.

    The lights draped over lamps and a table

    17. A tarot-inspired wall tapestry that'll effortlessly jazz up a plain wall with some artwork. It'll create an easy accent wall and you'll be able to move it around whenever you want to change up your decor.

    the tapestry over a bench in a hallway

    18. A doormat with the moon phases that'll remind everyone stepping into your home that you aren't above blaming a bad day on the full moon (or Mercury retrograde).

    The doormat with the moon phases on the ground next to some shoes

    19. And finally, a Himalayan crystal salt lamp that'll fill your room with a warm amber hue. The dimmer switch will allow you to crank the lamp to full brightness, or bring it down to a softer light.

    A salt lamp on in the corner of Bianca's room giving off a soft amber glow

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