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    22 Beauty Products That You'll Want To Use All Summer (And Beyond)

    Summer is officially here and so is your new beauty routine.

    1. A tub of cooling moisturizer that'll give your skin a boost of hydration while giving it a refreshing chill. It'll work at room temp as a moisturizer, or you can pop it in the freezer for a few hours to turn it into a slushy consistency that'll feel oh-so-good on sun-kissed skin.

    2. A tube of 3-in-1 Tarte lip balm that'll give your pout a juicy, high-shine finish. It's a super-pigmented, ultra-glossy balm that doubles as a hydrating treatment, so your lips will be blessed with some sweet moisture while you're wearing it.

    A person applying the lip gloss to their lips

    3. A bottle of Mane Club hair oil that'll help you combat the dry hair that seems to come every summer (thanks, swimming pool). It'll smooth your strands as it adds moisture back into your mop, giving you the silky hair of your dreams.

    Alice holding the bottle of hair oil

    4. A tub of E.l.f putty blush that'll add a touch of colour to your cheeks. It's buildable, so you can choose between a soft pinch of pigment or a bold pop of colour.

    Bianca holding up the blush with a swatch on her hand in front of a plant

    5. A tube of Sun Bum sunscreen that'll keep your skin protected from harmful rays all summer long. It's moisturizing, won't leave your skin greasy after you apply it and it's also reef-safe, meaning you can safely wear it in any body of water.

    Bianca holding up a tube of the sunscreen above a checkered floor

    6. And a Laneige facial sunscreen with SPF 50 that'll protect your complexion under your makeup. Since it's water-based and light-as-air, your foundation and concealer won't slip and slide all over your face while you're blending.

    Bianca holding up the tube of sunscreen in front of a plain wall

    7. A cooling facial spray that'll hydrate, tone, and re-energize your skin throughout the day (or just when you're feeling 🔥hot🔥). It's got aloe, cucumber, and green tea — perfect for calming an irritated or overheated dermis.

    A bottle of the facial mist in front of a bunch of flowers

    8. A Rare Beauty primer that'll help create a smooth canvas for easy makeup application. Its lightweight formula features hyaluronic acid that'll keep your skin hydrated, even when there's a layer of makeup over it (or sunscreen under it).

    Bianca's hand holding up the bottle of Rare primer over a plant

    9. A tube of Maybelline mascara that’ll curl and lift limp lashes to the high heavens. It has a curved wand that’ll effortlessly coat every last lash (even those pesky ones in the inner corners). Since the formula is light, it won't flake and smudge all over your face when you get a little sweaty.

    10. An E.l.f primer-infused bronzer that'll give your natural summer glow a lil' boost. It's long-lasting and matte, so it'll look fresh all day, and reviewers love that it's glitter-free, meaning it's great for contouring, too.

    a trio of hands with the bronzer swatched on different skin tones

    11. A dual-ended tube of Nyx matte lipstick and gloss that'll help you achieve a look that lasts all day. The lipstick is transfer-proof, so you won't need to worry about it melting and smudging around your mouth.

    12. Or a tube of Clinique's cult-fave Black Honey lipstick that'll give your pout a subtle berry hue without going overboard with pigment. It's buildable, so you can layer it on for a perfect light summer makeup ~lewk~.

    13. A stick of Milk Makeup cooling water that'll help calm your puffy under-eye area after a late night. It's full of caffeine and seawater that'll revitalize and soothe your skin at the same time.

    A person putting the stick on their cheekbone

    14. A bottle of Glow Recipe watermelon serum that'll give your face a dewy (and non-greasy) finish. The niacinamide in it will help even out hyperpigmentation, while giving you some subtle shine on bare skin or under makeup.

    Bianca holding up the bottle of the watermelon serum against a plain wall

    15. An oil-absorbing facial roller that'll give your skin a matte finish in seconds. The volcanic stone will absorb excess oil as you roll it across your face, so you can skip using a handful of blotting papers to dim the shine.

    16. A bottle L'Oréal heat-protectant hair mist that'll save your mane from scorching temps and breakage caused by heat styling. It'll also help fight humidity and tame frizzy flyaways — bonus!

    Bianca holding up the heat spray in a bedroom

    17. A Nyx colour correcting palette that'll help you create an even base for your makeup (and cover up the tan lines caused by your sunglasses, too). It'll also neutralize dark circles and blemishes like a dream.

    18. A bottle of Neutrogena serum that'll drench your summer skin in moisture, while smoothing out any uneven texture. It comes with a handy dropper that makes it nearly impossible to use too much product.

    Bianca holding up a bottle of the serum with a sample of it on the outside of her hand

    19. And a tub of Neutrogena gel cream that'll bless your face with extra moisture after the serum soaks in. It's fragrance-free and is packed full of hyaluronic acid, leaving your skin feeling healthy and looking luminous.

    Bianca holding up a face cream with a dollop of it on her hand

    20. A Tarte setting spray that'll lock your whole makeup look in place with a few spritzes. It's jam-packed with aloe extract that'll soothe and hydrate your skin in the process.

    Bianca holding up a bottle of the setting spray next to her face

    21. A Sol de Janeiro body and hair mist that'll keep you smelling 💯 through the summer. It includes a combination of plum, amber, and vanilla scents that aren't too sweet, so you won't get a headache.

    Bianca holding up the bottle of mist in front of a plain wall

    22. And finally, a bottle of La Roche-Posay foaming face wash that'll remove all of the makeup and product buildup from your skin after a long day outdoors. It'll also gently remove excess oil from your face to help control shine.

    The bottle of face wash in front of a swatch of the product on a plain background

    Me trying to keep my makeup looking fresh all summer:

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