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    28 Pawsome Gifts For Your Pet, And Some That Are Also Secretly For You

    An anti-spill water bowl, a sherpa coat, a paw cleaner, and more!

    1. A festive bowl and mug set so you can both get into the holiday spirit before the big day. They're both microwave- and dishwasher-safe, so cleaning and reheating whatever is in them will be a cinch.

    2. A grooming kit that'll make it easy to keep your pet looking fresh from the comfort of home. It's a small low-noise vacuum with different grooming attachments, so you can cut, fluff, brush, and clean your pet's hair without creating a giant mess.

    a person grooming their bichon frise with the kit

    3. A quilted Barbour coat for anybody who wants their pet to look like they just stepped out of an episode of The Crown. It's not your average dog coat, either — it has a corduroy collar, adjustable strap, opening for a leash, and a traditional tartan lining, making any canine look absolutely dashing on their daily walkabouts.

    a corgi puppy in the coat against a plain background

    4. Or a plaid and sherpa jacket if the rugged woodsy look is more their aesthetic. It'll keep them stylish and warm on your brisk winter walks and hikes.

    a small dog with the jacket on against a plain background

    5. A faux plant pot litter box so your cat's bathroom won't cramp the aesthetic of your space. Pop this in the corner of a room behind some furniture and nobody will suspect that your kitty is doing their business beneath the palm leaves.

    a cat jumping out of the plant pot litter box

    6. A portable paw cleaner that you can use to scrub your pet's paws after a jaunt through the mud. It has soft silicone nubs that'll gently clean the mess right out of their fur, so they won't track it through your house.

    A person using the paw cleaner on their dog's paw outside

    7. A personalized crewneck that'll let everyone know who your favourite furry friend is. It'll have an embroidered photo of your pet with their name underneath it, all on a classic cotton crewneck that'll keep you toasty all winter long.

    three sweaters showing the different embroidery styles

    8. A non-slip water bowl that'll keep your pet hydrated while keeping your floors from becoming a splash zone. A quick lick from your pet and it'll dispense just enough water for sipping (great for over-eager dogs who will keep drinking 'til their tummy's upset).

    a dog drinking from the bowl on a shag rug

    9. And a slow feeding bowl that'll force your pet to pace themselves while they're eating. The grooves will disperse their kibble and make them concentrate a bit more while they munch (they won't be able to gobble it all up in one go).

    The dog eating out of the bowl

    10. A cat tree that'll give your kitty a new hangout spot. It has a nook they can hide in, different levels to jump and climb on, plus a scratch post, so they can stop attacking the corner of your new couch.

    a cat standing on a cat tree in the middle of a store

    11. An automatic food despenser that you can control with the help of a companion app. Now you won't have to get out of bed early on the weekend to make sure your bff is fed, or rack your brain trying to remember if you filled their bowl.

    The food dispenser next to a cat

    12. A cat door that'll allow your feline friend to easily pass through walls or doors. They'll be able to access their litter box on their own, even after you accidentally close the door.

    A cat walking through a cat-shaped opening in a door

    13. A letter charm to add a lil' glitz and glam to their pet tag. It'll easy clip onto the collar loop and it's made of hard enamel and a durable, gold-plated stainless steel that'll survive romps through the mud.

    a dog with the gold charm on their collar

    14. A poo bag pouch that'll attach right to your leash and help you keep baggies handy the next time your dog makes a bathroom stop. It'll fit up to two rolls, so even your backups will have backups.

    15. A feline face massaging tool for the kitty that loves a self-care moment as much as their human. It'll tenderly rub their lil' cheeks and leave them purring sweet nothings all day long.

    the box with a photo on it showing a cat's face being massaged in front of a plain background

    16. A microfibre rug that'll keep your doggo from tracking mud everywhere after a walk. You can even pop it into the back of your car after a messy dog park play date.

    A dog sitting on a rug in the back of a car

    17. And a pet hammock that'll keep your bestie from getting dirt and hair all over the upholstery. It'll easily secure to your back seats (meaning it'll stay in place while you're driving) and keep your excited pet from jumping into the front seat with you.

    A dog sitting in the pet hammock in the backseat of a car

    18. A plush patterned pet bed that'll give your furry pal a place to snooze without clashing with your decor. The top is made of a cozy fleece that your pupper will want to spend hours laying on.

    a french bulldog laying on the cushion in a living room

    19. A cat harness and leash that'll help keep your kitty close if they're the ~outdoorsy type~. The harness is made of breathable mesh, so your cat will stay comfortable on all their walks.

    A cat wearing a harness

    20. A treat dispensing game that'll get your pet moving and help stimulate their brain, too. It'll roll around and occasionally release a treat, making it perfect for snowy winter days when it's too dang hard to go out for frequent walks.

    the game in front of a plain background

    21. A clip-on LED light that'll make them instantly visible on night walks. It'll attach to their collar with a carabiner, so you can pop it on and off whenever you need.

    The dog with a lamp on his collar

    22. A bandana if your pet isn't a huge fan of wearing full outfits. It'll still give them a chance to be stylin', without feeling confined or uncomfortable.

    A husky wearing a bandana in a living room

    23. A set of food storage containers that'll keep your sweet creature's kibble fresh and easy to pour, thanks to the airtight seals and built-in spouts. Now you won't accidentally spill a whole bag of food at breakfast.

    A person pouring their cats food into the included measuring cup

    24. A Roots hoodie so they can serve classic Canadiana at your next cottage weekend. It has a Velcro and snap closure to easily get it on and off your pet, plus a little kangaroo pocket to keep extra treats in 😉.

    a small dog wearing the hoodie in front of a plain background

    25. A pack of paw-fect silicone treat moulds so you can make your fur baby a batch of yummy frozen treats. Freeze plain ol' water or get creative with pet-safe smoothie recipes if you really want to spoil your pet.

    the mould with two paw shaped treats popped out of it on a plate

    26. A pet advent calendar because humans aren't the only ones who should get to count down December with treats. Now they'll get to have their own tasty confection (instead of begging for a bite of yours).

    A cat standing on the advent calendar with fish shaped treats coming out of it

    27. A portable water bowl so your fur baby can rehydrate while they're tearing it up at the dog park. The water dispenses into a handy built-in bowl, meaning it'll be easy for them to drink on the go.

    Bianca offering her dog a drink from the bottle

    28. And finally, a doggy DNA kit that'll tell you exactly what breeds make up your four-legged friend. Aside from your dog finding out they're 100% that pooch, it can also connect you with any of your pet's living relatives who have also used the kit (set up an adorable family reunion ASAP!).

    A person looking at a dog family tree on a tablet with a dog on their lap

    Your pet figuring out some (most) of the gifts are in fact, for them:

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