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    Just 22 Home Items From Amazon Canada If You Want To Give Your Place A *Total* Makeover

    BRB, I'm off to redecorate for the third time this year.

    1. A ~handy~ ceramic vase for anyone who wants every single floral arrangement to look like a work of art. Reviewers say it's the perfect size to make an understated yet artful statement.

    the vase with plants in it on a table in a room

    2. A set of wall decals that'll look more like a hand-painted mural than a sticker (plus, no artistic skill needed). They'll easily transform the look of a plain wall without the headache of installing wallpaper or actually painting a dainty design.

    the wall decals over a mirror

    3. A set of floating shelves if you need a spot to stash your growing skincare collection in the bathroom (or spices in the kitchen). One of the shelves has a towel holder, making it perfect for even the tiniest of restrooms.

    floating shelves with plants and bathroom items on them

    4. A table lamp that'll give off a relaxing glow that won't hurt your eyes. It has USB ports and outlets built into the base, meaning you can plug your devices directly into it to charge up (and finally get rid of that bulky power bar you've been using).

    the lamp on a desk with phones plugged into it

    5. A bar cart that'll keep all your cocktail-making accessories in one place, so you won’t have to rummage through your cupboards to find what you need. It has swivelling wheels, which means you’ll be able to roll it around your apartment the next time you entertain.

    The bar cart in a dining room with bottles, coffee, wine glasses, and flowers on it

    6. A set of glass apothecary jars that'll keep all of your bathroom doodads (like cotton swabs and hair elastics) from cluttering up your vanity. The bottom tray can double as a catchall dish if your jewellery is lacking a home.

    The tray with two glass jars on it on a bathroom counter

    7. A narrow console table if you’re short on space, but not on style. It has wired shelves that'll be great for storing muddy shoes or your entryway accoutrements (like your keys and sunglasses).

    The console table holding books, a lamp, and other objects while it sits behind a couch

    8. A moon-shaped macramé wall hanging that'll turn your bedroom into a ✨mystical✨ oasis. It comes with fairy lights that'll shimmer through the strings and cast a celestial glow.

    The moon shaped macrame wall hanging on a wall beside some candles

    9. A set of minimalist botanical prints that’ll bring some greenery into your home (without all the hassle of plant care). Hang them together for a an easy-peasy gallery wall or split them up throughout your home.

    The set of six prints hanging on a wall in a living room

    10. A set of peel-and-stick backsplash tiles so you can easily update your kitchen or bathroom without the hefty price tag. Reviewers say they're super sticky, so they don't have to stress about them peeling or flaking off.

    The tile backsplash in a kitchen behind a sink

    11. A mini book tree that'll hold your home library while looking like decor. Since it's small, you can pop it up on a table if you're short on floor space.

    The book tree with books on it on a floor

    12. A set of garage magnets that'll make your boring ol' door look a little bit fancier. They've got super strong gripping power, so you won't have to bust out a drill to install them — just smack 'em on and marvel at how good they look.

    13. An oversized rope basket that'll save you from draping your collection of throw blankets over every piece of furniture in your living room. It'll look more like decor than storage, so it won't clash with your carefully-curated design vibe.

    The basket in a room with blankets and pillows stored inside of it

    14. A set of under-mounted light strips to illuminate the dark corners of your kitchen the overheads just can't reach. Reviewers have even used them in their closets and love that they don't take up any extra space.

    The lights installed under cabinets in a kitchen

    15. A fluffy stool that'll make the perfect seat for your vanity. The top pops open to reveal a little bit of extra storage and the brass legs give it a glam vintage look.

    A fluffy stool sitting on a plush rug in a large closet

    16. An over-the-toilet storage shelf for all the stuff you can’t cram under your sink. Reviewers say it's a must if you have a small bathroom and they love that the bottom shelf is tall enough that they can still access their toilet tank.

    the storage shelf over a toilet in a trendy bathroom

    17. A trio of funky lil' ceramic vases that'll dress up your tiniest arrangements. Everyone will totally think you spent hours digging at a vintage market to find them (it'll be our little secret 😉).

    The vases on a tray beside a candle

    18. A large macramé wall hanging that'll make a bohemian statement wherever you hang it. Its woven design will bring a trendy '70s feel to the room.

    The wall hanging over a bed in a bedroom

    19. An LED colour-changing light bulb so you can switch up your room's vibe without having to commit to stick-on strips or extra fixtures. It can be popped into existing lamps and can flex between standard white and fun colours with the help of an app.

    20. A set of brass frames that’ll make it super easy to put together that gallery wall you’ve been dreaming about. They come in three sizes — perfect for creating a dynamic and eye-catching display.

    The frames on a wall above a chair

    21. A wall-mounted organizer that’ll give you a place to stash your jackets, keys, umbrellas, and mail, without taking up your entire entryway.

    The organizer on a plain wall with keys and an umbrella hanging from it and letters on the top shelf

    22. And finally, a floating corner shelf that’ll tuck right into that unused nook you don’t know what to do with. It’s perfect for adding a bit of extra kitchen storage if your cabinet situation is less than ideal.

    The corner floating shelf in a kitchen

    You after redecorating every room in your home:

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