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    If You Live For Game Night, Here Are 19 Puzzle, Strategy, And Card Games To Try

    Apologies for the person I become when I play board games.

    1. An immersive game of Jumanji for anyone who grew up watching the movie in the '90s. The board is a replica of the one from the film and the crystal ball in the middle even illuminates with different riddles you'll have to solve in order to make it out of the jungle in one piece.

    2. A Hello Kitty & Friends Monopoly for anyone who has a soft spot for all things adorable. The board and cards are covered in iconic Sanrio characters and cute spaces, like an ice cream shop and a flower garden.

    A person holding up cards for the Monopoly game

    3. A Rubix Race game that'll have you racing against the clock (and your opponent) to copy the sequence on the "scrambler". Whoever can slide their pieces to match the reference the fastest is the winner.

    two people playing on the rubix race game

    4. A game of Tapple that'll test the speed of your brain and your hands. Take turns coming up with a word for each category for every letter until all of the tiles have been pushed down before the timer runs out.

    the game and the box on a marble counter

    5. A Blokus XL game for Tetris masters that want a new challenge. Each player will place their pieces down on the grid, but a corner must be touching another piece of the same colour. The game ends when no more blocks will fit on the board, and whoever has the lowest amount of remaining pieces wins.

    6. A game of The Floor Is Lava that'll turn your living room into your own action and adventure quest. It'll get kiddos up and moving as they leap through your space by stepping on the non-slip "stepping stones". They'll have fun finding creative ways to get to complete the course while getting away from their screens, too.

    A child playing on the bright stepping stones on a carpet in a living room

    7. A Dungeons and Dragons essentials set because you've been wanting to get into the action-filled game of imagination since you finished the latest season of Stranger Things. It comes with everything you'll need to start your first D&D campaign and (eventually) become a member of the 🔥Hellfire Club🔥.

    a group of people playing Dungeons and Dragons on a table

    8. A game of Mind the Gap that'll have different generations battling against each other to answer fun trivia questions. Everyone from Boomers to Gen Z-ers can get in on the fun, making it perfect for family game night.

    9. An Unsolved Case Files game that'll be right up your alley if you're obsessed with everything true crime. Read through all of the documents to piece together the series of (fictional) events and solve the case.

    The files from the game fanned out on a wooden floor

    10. Or a1920s-themed murder mystery game that'll put you right in the middle of the crime scene and make you a potential suspect (dun, dun, dun). You'll have to work together as a group to act out the prompts, collect the clues, and properly identify the killer.

    11. A copy of The Wine Game for anybody who wants to impress with their vast knowledge of all things vino. It'll pair perfectly with a charcuterie board while you test your friends on everything they know about different varietals, from Chardonnay to cab sauv.

    the game spread out on a table

    12. A Friends trivia game that any fan of the '90s series will get right into. It's set up like the iconic trivia game from the series (yes, the one where they bet the apartment). Work with your teammates to correctly answer questions about Ross, Rachel, and the rest of the gang to claim superfan bragging rights.

    the trivia game board and all of the cards and markers on a plain background

    13. A pouch of Bananagrams that has the same vibe as Scrabble, without the confines of a board. Draw the letter tiles to create your own grid of words until there are none left. Whoever completes their word grid the fastest is the winner!

    14. A deck of celebrity trivia cards you can play at your next dinner party. Take turns asking and answering questions about Hollywood's favourite stars to find out who knows the most factoids about Tinseltown (it me).

    the cards scattered on a plain background

    15. A box of Taco vs Burrito cards that'll be fun for the whole family to play. The goal is to make the grossest card combo you can without having your ingredients get stolen by other players. Whoever has the most points at the end is the champ!

    an adult and a child playing the game

    16. A Great British Baking Show game that'll give any fan a taste of what it's like to compete in the iconic tent. You'll race against the clock (just like the show) to complete a dessert that matches the reference recipes, while avoiding the dreaded "soggy" cards that'll ruin your creation.

    the game cards on a wooden table next to eggs and a rolling pin

    17. An escape room in a box that'll bring a handful of tricky puzzle activities into the comfort of your own home. It comes with access to a companion app that'll time you while playing ambient, themed sounds to level up your experience.

    Bianca holding up the cover of the game box with some of the game pieces behind it on a table

    18. A deck of UNO cards so you can take your favourite game with you wherever you go. You'll be sure to make fun memories whenever you play with your pals, even when the game gets ~heated~ (we've all been there).

    a person holding up a bunch of Uno cards

    19. And finally, a game of We're Not Really Strangers if your idea of a good time is deep chats. You can spend a few hours answering the prompts to get to know your fave people on a whole new level, and build closer connections in the process.

    A person holding the cards up above a table

    You on the next game night:

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