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    20 Products That’ll Help You Crush Your 2023 Fitness Goals

    Getting into (and sticking to) a new fitness routine can be intimidating, but this stuff will help.

    1. A pair of weighted Bala bangles that'll make everyday activities into a mini sweat sesh. They'll add a lil' resistance to arm or leg movements (you can strap 'em on your ankles, too), so you can wear them while you work, walk the dog, or do your grocery shopping.

    victoria looking into the camera while wearing one of the bala bangles

    2. A set of resistance bands that'll add a little extra somethin'-somethin' to squats and lunges. They'll strengthen your glutes, help with flexibility, and you can use them to modify yoga and pilates routines if you're a beginner that needs a little help with your happy baby pose (it me).

    3. A FitBit Versa 4 that'll be your own teeny personal trainer. It’ll help you keep track of your workouts, your daily steps, your sleep patterns, and record your heart rate, and you can even connect with friends to compete in weekly challenges on the companion app.

    4. And a pack of colourful replacement bands that you can switch out whenever you want. Since the silicone of the band can stretch with regular wear, these will help keep your Versa looking fresh (and it won't clash with your outfits).

    Bianca showing off the watch with different bands in the background

    5. Or an Apple Watch SE if you want a few more bells and whistles when it comes to your wearable tech. Aside from being able to control your music and pay for your coffee with a tap, it'll also keep track of your movement, give you the stats post-sweat, and you can answer calls and texts on it, too.

    6. An anti-chafe balm that'll stop your skin from rubbing and becoming uncomfortable while you move. It's made from plant-derived ingredients that you can use from your head to your toes to banish friction.

    A person applying the balm to their shoulder

    7. A pair of New Balance Fresh Foam running shoes that'll keep your tootsies happy while you're sweating up a storm. The breathable fabric and cushy foam insoles will be just as supportive as they are comfy, and you'll be able to wear them for a bunch of different activities from running on the treadmill to your HIIT class.

    the running shoe in front of a plain background

    8. And a pack of anti-blister socks to keep your heels from getting shredded while you're movin' and groovin'. They're made of a breezy moisture-wicking fabric that'll keep your foot sweat and icky odour under control, too.

    a person wearing the socks with a pair of running shoes outside

    9. A TRX suspension training system that'll help with strength training and flexibility. You'll actually be able to workout your entire body, and it won't take up a bunch of space in your home like regular gym machines and equipment would.

    a person working out with the TRX system in a bedroom

    10. A lululemon Align tank because everyone knows a cute outfit can motivate you to get to the gym. It's made of a soft, weightless material made for low-impact activities (like yoga or pilates), which means it'll be so comfy, you'll probably want to nama-stay in it forever.

    a model wearing the top in front of a background

    11. A pair of cropped compression leggings that'll stay put between squats and jumps since they're high-rise. You can say goodbye to pulling them up every ten steps while you exercise (and they have pockets to keep things within reach).

    a person stretching in the leggings in front of a plain background

    12. Or a stretchy bodysuit that'll be an absolute breeze to move and stretch in. It'll give your aerobics class ensemble a totally '80s vibe while feeling like a comfy second skin, so you'll probably want to wear when you're not working out, too.

    a person wearing the bodysuit in front of a plain background

    13. A thick yoga mat that'll offer your back and knees a bit more cushion if your home gym has hard cement or wood floors. It can be used for a bunch of different activities (including that cool-down stretch) and comes with a carrying strap, so you can tote it to your next yoga class.

    a person doing yoga on a deck outside on top of the thick mat

    14. A fitness dice game that'll save you from getting bored of the same ol' circuit training. Each roll of the dice will result in a different way to move your body (the cards have QR codes you can scan for video tutorials) and you won't even need equipment to complete any of them.

    a person holding a few of the dice over the box

    15. An adjustable dumbbell that'll give you more versatility for at-home training, without taking up too much space. You can turn the dial to increase or decrease the weight from five to 52.5 pounds and the plastic molding around the handle will give you a solid grip when you pick it up.

    16. A pair of wireless waterproof earbuds that'll keep the sweet sounds of your playlist pumping through your workout. They'll loop around the back of your ears to keep them in place during higher impact activities and reviewers say the sound quality is seriously impressive for the price.

    a person riding a bike wearing the earbuds

    17. A set of no-tie shoelaces that'll turn any pair of runners into slip-ons. They'll keep your kicks on your feet and you won't have to worry about stopping your run to retie your laces.

    A person showing off their elastic laces on a pair of running shoes while they rest on a picnic table

    18. A lil' pilates ball that'll help improve your core strength, posture and flexibility when you add it to your regular pilates or barre routine. It's made of a grippy PVC that won't slip and slide on your floors or leggings.

    A person holding the pilates ball

    19. A fitness journal so you can see all of your hard-earned progress right on paper. It has space to fill out your goals with room to record as much of your progress as you want to (at your own pace, of course).

    a photo of the inside pages of the book

    20. And finally, a lightweight percussion massager that'll help ease those new aches your hands just can't reach. It'll comfortably fit in your hands for a relaxing experience that won't strain your arm muscles and you can also use it to warm up before exercising.

    a person using the massager on their foot while sitting on the couch

    You reaching all of your fitness goals this year:

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