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    25 Father’s Day Gifts That Scream “Dad Vibes”

    Your dad will love everything on this list almost as much as they love maple walnut ice cream.

    1. A key holder that'll ~amp~ up their front door setup. Each keyring will securely snap into the holder, so it'll be easy to grab on their way out and won't get tangled like it would in a bowl.

    A person putting their keys on the holder

    2. An adorable pizza box filled with 'za-themed socks for your pie-loving parent. They'll love wearing their favourite dinner on their feet. Plus, they'll think of you every time they put them on.

    A person wearing a pair of pizza socks on top of a pizza cushion

    3. A vegan leather remote caddy that'll keep their plethora of controllers in one place, instead of constantly getting lost between couch cushions. Reviewers love it so much they've bought multiples to use around the house.

    a bunch of remotes in their own spots in the caddy while it sits on a table

    4. An indoor putting green that'll have them practicing their golfing before heading to the course with their friends. It'll roll up for easy storage, so their house won't look like a mini-putt course 24/7.

    A person using the indoor green in a living room

    5. A 196-piece tool kit that'll replace that set they've had for eons (it's probably missing a bunch of pieces, too). Best of all, they'll be able to use it when you ask them to hang something on the wall at your place.

    6. A lil' aerating spout that'll enhance the taste of their vino while they pour it into a glass. Reviewers say it's the perfect size to bring on trips and love that it comes with a sediment filter to remove excess particles.

    The wine decanter on it's stand next to a glass of wine

    7. A BBQ set that'll be perfect for the grill-master in your life. It comes with absolutely everything they'll need for barbecue season and get them excited to host a weekly grill night (just to show their tools and skills off).

    all of the items in the kit against a plain background

    8. An AeroPress coffee maker that’ll give them a perfect cup of joe in seconds (20, to be exact). Its small size means it won’t take up valuable storage space in their kitchen and it’ll be easy to bring along on vacations and camping trips.

    A person using an AeroPress to make a cup of coffee in the kitchen

    9. A wood docking station that'll keep all of their essential possessions in one place while they snooze. Now they'll never have to hunt down their phone, keys, and wallet before leaving the house.

    A person putting a pair of glasses in the docking station

    10. A beard grooming kit that'll keep their signature facial hair looking fresh. It has everything they'll need to maintain, style, and DIY their trims between visits to the barber.

    The kit box and all of the items in front of the box against a plain background

    11. A mini book tree that'll hold their growing collection of novels while looking like decor. Since it's small, they can pop it up on a table if they're short on floor space.

    The book tree with books on it on a floor

    12. A set of car seat gap fillers that'll prevent their phone, keys, and rogue french fries from falling into the deep abyss of their vehicle. The fillers have a slot that’ll fit snugly over their seatbelt buckle, so nothing will slip through the cracks again.

    a before and after of the gap fillers in a car

    13. A dad cap adorned with their favourite brew that'll keep the sun out of their eyes all summer long. It'll look like it's been part of their ✨dad uniform✨ for years, thanks to the vintage-inspired design.

    The cap on a plain background

    14. A bottle of Truff hot sauce that'll turn the heat up on their favourite meals and snacks. Reviewers say it has a really tasty and rich truffle flavour with the perfect amount of spice (without being overpowering).

    Some of the sauce drizzled over a bowl of popcorn with the bottle in the background

    15. An elevated garden box that'll keep their veggie patch easy to tend to (since they won't have to bend over). It has a draining reservoir that'll prevent the plants from being overwatered, so it'll be effortless for beginner gardeners to use, too.

    A person tending to the plants the garden box

    16. A hammock that'll help them relax and enjoy the backyard all summer long. It comes with a stand, so they won't need perfectly placed trees to enjoy their little pocket of paradise.

    The hammock in the yard of a house

    17. A reflection journal that'll guide them though their mindfulness journey. Since they'll only have to jot down a couple of sentences a day, it won't chew up too much of their time.

    A photo of the inside of the journal

    18. A teeny hobby telescope that'll attach to their phone, so they can take clear photos of whatever they're viewing. They'll be able to use their device (instead of looking through the scope), so they won't have to worry about their sunnies or specs getting in the way.

    A phone mounted to the telescope showing a bird on the screen

    19. A Yeti can holder that'll keep whatever they're drinking ice cold. Now their beverage won't get warm while they're standing next to the grill or working in the yard.

    Two people cheersing their cans in the holders

    20. A Theragun massager that'll help them release tension after a long day. It'll work their muscles with hardly any sound, so they'll be able to use it without disturbing anyone they live with.

    A person using the massager on their arm in bed next to another person sleeping

    21. Or a full-body massage mat so they can get all of the soothing relief they'll need without lifting a finger. They can use it in bed or while they're laying on the couch watching the game.

    A person laying on the massager on a couch

    22. A Spikeball set that'll turn their yard into a competitive sporting arena. The whole set collapses and fits into a handy carrying bag, so they can bring it to the park, beach, or even on vacation.

    people playing spikeball on the beach

    23. A lil' Bluetooth speaker that'll play their favourite jams and podcasts at an impressive volume. It's even waterproof, so it's perfect for days by the pool.

    A person's arm and hand holding up the small speaker in front of a plain wall

    24. A leather duffle bag that'll refine their weekend getaway look. The classic design will hold up over time, so it'll be stylish forever, just like them.

    A person holding the bag against a plain background

    25. And finally, a guided book you can fill in with all the reasons you love them. It'll be a tearjerker if they're the sentimental type, or you can use it as an over-the-top card if you want to go above and beyond.

    The book on a table surrounded by a pencil, a pair of scissors, and a pen

    Them after opening their gift on Father's Day:

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