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    TikTok Loves These 24 Finds, And I'm Sure You Will Too

    Who doesn't love viral beauty products and genius kitchen gadgets?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of rainbow wine glasses if you want to add a fun pop of colour to your bar cart (you probably need to replace your set anyways). Since each glass is a different hue, you won't mix up your drink with your bestie's at your next wine and charcuterie night.

    the wine glasses on a table next to a cheese platter

    2. A set of NYX false lashes that'll make your peepers look *amaze* (and like you spent a lot of money getting lash extensions). They have an ultra-thin band that'll feel super comfortable to wear for long periods of time and they also come with a lil' case you can store them in between wears.

    3. A silicone grease strainer that'll safely collect bacon drippings after you've finished cooking a mean Sunday brunch. It has a removable strainer and once it's full, the solidified grease will be easy to pop into the trash (or scoop out to cook with).

    grease being poured into the bacon bin next to a plate of bacon

    4. An e.l.f colour-correcting primer to help calm and neutralize any redness before you apply your concealer and foundation. It'll also help grip your makeup and give your skin a velvet finish.

    Bianca holding up the primer against a plain wall

    5. A Dash mini waffle maker that you can use to tackle all those drool-worthy recipes you've favourited. You can get adventurous with it and press cookie dough, hash browns, or even cheese waffles when you want to go off-book.

    The waffle maker open revealing a cooked waffle inside

    6. A silk curling rod that'll give you bouncy heatless curls while you sleep. Reviewers love that the fabric leaves their manes smooth and soft, too.

    the curling set next to the bag and a model with flowing curled hair against a plain background

    7. A tube of 3-in-1 Tarte lip balm that'll give your pout that trending high-shine finish. It's an ultra-glossy balm that'll double as a hydrating treatment, so your lips will be blessed with some sweet, sweet moisture while you're wearing it.

    Bianca holding up the plumping gloss and plain gloss against a wall

    8. A pair of ice sphere trays because regular ice cubes are way too boring for your fancy iced drinks. They'll make perfectly round and tiny ice that reviewers say is super easy to release from the trays (and they'll look super aesthetic on your Instagram grid, too).

    a set of the ice trays on a table beside bottles and cut fruit

    9. A bottle of CND cuticle oil so you can treat your talons to some TLC between manicures. It's infused with jojoba oil and vitamin E that'll help heal and hydrate your dry and cracked skin (while also strengthening your nails).

    Bianca holding up the cuticle oil in front of a window

    10. A bottle of EOS shave cream if you want your skin to feel silky-smooth long after you've shaved it. It'll act more like a moisturizer rather than a traditional shaving foam, so you'll be able to see what hair you're getting rid of.

    Bianca holding up the bottle in front of a textured fabric

    11. A tube of Maybelline lip gloss that'll make your kisser look extra plump and juicy. The oversized applicator will let you coat your lips in a single swipe, giving you the perfect amount of product every time.

    Bianca putting the lipgloss on her lips

    12. A copy of Beach Read by Emily Henry if you can't get enough of BookTok recommendations. It's all about a romance writer who happens to be a cynic when it comes to love, but everything changes when she meets her exact opposite (a literary writer) and they develop a relationship over the summer.

    Bianca holding up the book in front of a plant

    13. A FYP-famous Always Pan that'll replace up to eight pieces of cookware in your kitchen. It has a non-stick aluminum coating that'll evenly distribute heat while you're cooking all of the viral recipes you've been wanting to try.

    A bunch of veggies not sticking to the pan while it is sitting on a stove

    14. A L'Oréal foundation powder that'll give your skin bit of coverage without looking unnatural. It's lightweight and breathable, meaning you won't feel like your face is being weighed down by product and it has a matte finish which will help keep shine to a minimum.

    A before and after shot of Bianca's face showing how the powder covered redness

    15. An inflatable footrest that parent TikTokers swear by for long flights with kiddos. It'll extend any airplane seat into a bed for little ones and make their flying experience comfy and cozy.

    16. A roll of LED strip lights that'll fill your room with a multicolour glow at the touch of a button. You can even make your own custom colours with the included remote.

    The outside of Bianca's closet which is glowing from the LED lights inside

    17. A tube of Clinique's cult-fave Black Honey lipstick to give your lips a subtle berry hue without going overboard with pigment. It's buildable, so you can layer it on for a perfect light makeup ~lewk~.

    18. A bagel guillotine for anyone who hates when they can't cut theirs perfectly in half (it's key for toasting). Reviewers say it's super sturdy and easy to use for people of all ages, and you can even use it to cut muffins, dinner rolls, and buns.

    a person using the guillotine to slice a bagel in a kitchen

    19. A tube of Essence mascara that'll give your natural lashes some falsies-level length. It has a light formula that won't clump or flake (even on hot days), so your peepers will look picture-perfect all day long.

    a person holding the mascara up to their face

    20. A key holder that'll 🤘amp🤘 up your front door setup. Each keyring will securely snap into the holder, so they'll be easy to grab on your way out and won't get tangled or mixed up like they would in a bowl.

    A set of keys, sunglasses, and a flashlight plugged into the key holder while it is mounted on a wall

    21. A bottle of NYX setting spray to help your makeup slay all day long. It's infused with aloe and cucumber extracts to calm and hydrate your skin, and you can also use it to prime your face or refresh it while you're out.

    Bianca holding up the bottle of setting spray

    22. A reusable pet hair remover that'll pick up everything your dog or cat has shed. Simply dump the fur out when it gets full and it'll be ready to roll the next time your couch looks like it's covered in a fur blanket.

    A person using the hair remover on a couch cushion

    23. A dual-ended tube of NYX matte lipstick and gloss for anyone who can't choose between the long wear of matte formulas and the shine of a gloss. The lipstick is transfer-proof, so you won't need to worry about it melting and smudging around your mouth.

    24. And finally, a set of hooks that'll hang from your headrests and keep your bag from rolling around on the floor while you're driving. You can also use them to keep things within reach (like your wallet) for when you need to grab some money for your morning coffee.

    the hooks holding up bags while hanging from a headrest

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