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    20 Fun Things From Amazon Canada That You Can Add To Your Holiday Gifts This Year (They're All Under $10!)

    They'll make great stocking stuffers, too!

    1. A sachet of flamingo hot chocolate that'll warm them from the inside out. The white drink mix will turn bubblegum pink when it's mixed with milk or water, turning it into the most aesthetically-pleasing cup of cocoa ever.

    two glass mugs of the cocoa on a table surrounded by mini marshmallows

    2. A pack of invisibobble hair ties that they can use to chuck their hair into a ponytail or messy bun. Plus, it won't leave a crease behind once they take out their updo!

    three of the hair ties on a table with heart confetti inside of them

    3. A pack of Uno cards so they can take their favourite game with them wherever they go. They'll be sure to make fun memories whenever they play with their pals, even when the game gets ~heated~ (we've all been there).

    a person holding up a bunch of Uno cards

    4. A clear lipstick holder that'll keep their favourite tube easy to grab while they're on the go. It has a clip they can attach to their keys or purse, so they won't have to rifle through their bag the next time they want to reapply their signature shade.

    The lipstick holder with a tube of lipstick inside on a plain background

    5. A Garnier sheet mask that'll help refresh tired skin and treat them to a quick facial with minimal mess. It's infused with ingredients like vitamin C, pomegranate extract, hyaluronic acid, and sakura extract that'll keep their visage moisturized long after they take it off.

    a person taking the sheet mask off their face

    6. A set of reusable silicone baking cups they can use to bake a batch of cupcakes, little brownies, and egg bites. Their food will easily pop out of them, so they won't need tons of cooking spray.

    a person peeling the baking cup off of a cupcake

    7. A trio of Burt's Bees tinted lip balms that'll keep their kisser hydrated, while giving it a little bit of shimmer, too. The subtle colour payoff is great for anyone who doesn't like to get too adventurous with lipstick.

    the lip balms in a box beside cranberries and leaves

    8. A set of mini record coasters that'll hold their beverages while saving their table from dreaded water rings. They have anti-skid cushioning underneath that'll prevent their drinks from slipping and sliding on smooth surfaces.

    the vinyl coasters on a table with a drink on it

    9. A sparkly essie nail topper that'll put the finishing touch on all of their DIY manis. It can be worn over another polish shade or on its own for a simple 'n' shimmery look.

    a person holding a nail polish with the sparkles on their nail

    10. A plastic shopping cart loonie that they'll be able to use to access a cart at the grocery store. They'll never have to remember to keep coins on them, and since it can be attached to their keys, they won't accidentally leave it behind either.

    a person putting the plastic loonie in their shopping cart

    11. A calligraphy guidebook that'll help them get their handwriting looking top-notch. It'll guide them through the fancy swirls and twirls of every letter in the alphabet, so they'll be writing like an old-timey poet in no time.

    the book open to a page on a table

    12. A NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil that'll help them create fun and bright makeup ~lewks~ with a single swipe. Reviewers even love using them as a base to make their eyeshadows really ✨POP✨.

    13. A pack of Korean exfoliating washcloths to help them banish dry winter skin with seriously minimal effort. They'll buff away dead skin, leaving them with smooth results that'll be easy to maintain.

    Alice wearing one of the washcloths on her hand

    14. And a pack of four silicone facial scrubbers that'll help them get the foamiest lather from their cleanser. The lil' bristles will treat their skin to some light exfoliation and are even gentle enough to use on more sensitive areas, like around their eyes.

    Bianca holding up one of her silicone scrubbers in front of a shower curtain

    15. A mini Wet brush to help them tame any frizz or flyaways throughout the day. Since it's teeny and lightweight, it won't take up a bunch of room in their bag (and they'll be glad they've got one the next time they get caught in a wind tunnel or a snowstorm without a hat).

    Three mini Wet brushes on a desk surrounded by pencils, a pair of scissors, a stapler, and a computer

    16. A pack of camera covers that they can slide open for their work meetings and close when they're over. They'll stick right to their screen, and since they're slim, their laptop will still be able to close normally.

    the patterned webcam covers on a table next to office supplies

    17. A tube of NYX butter gloss if they're so over matte lipsticks and ready to once again embrace the shiny glosses of the early aughts. It's buildable, so they'll be able to customize the look they want (whether it's a subtle sheen or a more opaque hue).

    the gloss in front of a swatch against a plain background

    18. A set of nylon pan scrapers to help them remove caked-on food from their pots and pans without damaging their cookware. Now they won't have to use knives or *cringe* their nails to clean up tough messes.

    19. A pack of Miracle-Gro plant spikes for the person on your list whose home is being taken over by their leafy babies. They can stick a spike or two into moist soil, sit back, and enjoy watching them bloom and thrive.

    a person putting a plant spike into the soil of a potted plant

    20. And finally, a bottle of TikTok-famous EOS shave cream if they want their skin to feel silky-smooth long after they've shaved it. It'll act more like a moisturizer rather than a traditional shaving foam, so they'll be able to see what they're getting rid of *and* immediately feel the skin-softening results.

    Bianca holding up the bottle in front of a textured fabric

    Them opening their lil' bonus gift:

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