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Selenators Can Finally Read The First Verse Off Of Selena Gomez's Newest Single Bad Liar And More From This Site

New Single Bad Liar

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I put my bags and I'm leaving you You've been nothing but, a bad liar Bad liar, you've been nothing but, a bad liar You've been nothing but, a bad liar You've been nothing but, a bad liar It's such a shame, you're a bad liar Oh honey you're, a bad liar

Now we can finally read the first verse off of Selena Gomez newset single 'Bad Liar'. We are counting down to two more days until we can here the entire song off of Selena Gomez's third solo album SG2. As shown on Genius, the song looks like it's going to be a catchy hit! Gomez might also have given us a a big hint of her next song which could be called "If I Wanted You" as shown on Genius as well. This week, Gomez continues to tease the title of her new song on her leg printed with red lipstick "Bad Liar". We are so ready to hear Bad Liar on Thursday.

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