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    29 Things You Only Understand If You Grew Up Greek In Australia

    Being Alpha is all you know.

    1. You cringed at the accuracy of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

    IFC Films

    But secretly couldn't wait to watch the second one.

    2. Your last name ends in s, o, or u.

    3. You watched everyone else get chocolate for Easter, while you got discounted, stale chocolates a month later.

    Flickr: Sis / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: sis

    4. Sunday roasts were a lamb on the spit.

    Souvlakis galore.

    5. And your version of Tim Tams was your yiayia’s biscuits.

    Liubovalieva / Getty Images

    Only made in bulk.

    6. Your yiayia didn’t know the meaning of "I’m full" (whether she spoke English or not).

    IFC Films

    7. Your papou watered his concrete.

    Paul Kane / Getty Images

    Even during water restrictions.

    8. The first word you learnt at Greek school was "Malaka".


    It's also the only word your non-Greek friends know.

    9. The term “youse” was grammatically correct, and referred to large crowds of relatives.

    Constantin Film

    10. The only volume you knew was loud.


    And winning an argument was determined by who shouted more.

    11. You wore Adidas before Stan Smiths were in style.

    Bianca Farmakis

    12. You had this rubbed on your gums when you were teething.

    Dan Murphy's / Via

    13. You didn't have hamburgers, you had keftedes.

    Flickr: Avlyxz / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: avlxyz

    14. You’ve been on the "Mediterranean diet" your entire life.

    15. And you went to Greece before “European Summer” was a thing.

    Even though you spent the entire time with family, surrounded by goats.

    16. You had a "good lounge" and a "bad lounge".


    The good lounge was covered in plastic or white doilies.

    17. You've spent a fortune on waxing, lasering, plucking and shaving your body.

    Warner Bros

    18. But it’s OK, because your eyebrows are flawless.

    19. The only thing you confessed at church was family gossip.

    IFC Films

    20. You had to explain why being spat on by a Priest was a blessing.

    Flickr: Brian Snelson / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: exfordy

    And you still can't understand why, either.

    21. You had a wedding, christening, or name day every week.

    IFC Films

    22. And each of those occasions was an excuse to remind you you're still single.

    IFC Films

    23. In every Greek magazine you read, John Stamos would feature.

    20th Century Fox Television

    Regardless of what he was actually doing in his career.

    24. You have this in your house somewhere.

    Public Domain

    Or some kind of Greek god.

    25. You've danced in a circle for three hours straight.

    20th Century Fox

    26. Your family goes with you EVERYWHERE.

    IFC Films

    27. But they are the best support you could ask for.

    Bianca Farmakis

    28. And have your back no matter what.

    IFC Films

    29. Especially if you're hungry.

    Caesar Millan, Dog Whisperer


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