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How Much Are YOU Into White Culture?

Below is a list of things considered to be "White Culture." Check things that you do, like, or watch, to see how deep into White Culture you are!

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  1. How many of these things do you do, like, and watch?

    Healing crystals
    Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, or Fresh Market
    Girls (the show)
    Dave Matthews Band
    Kanye West
    Childish Gambino
    Acoustic covers of songs
    Kylie Jenner
    Extreme sports
    Journey (the band)
    Journeyz (the store)
    Big Bang Theory
    Naked and Afraid
    Full House
    Friends (the show)
    Fresh Prince of Bel Air
    Going back to nature
    Ford F-250s
    Very close relationships with pets
    Mountain climbing and/or skiing
    Lifestyle blogging
    World of Warcraft
    League of Legends
    Mint chocolate chip ice cream
    Jeeps without doors
    Narrating animals' lives
    Dip (chewing tobacco)
    Pronouncing Target as "tar-zhay"
    Poorly blended hair extensions
    Big Green Tractor (do you know it?)
    Using salt as a spice
    Bath bombs
    Wearing shorts in the cold
    Cemetery activities (i.e. doing things in a cemetery that AREN'T funeral or death related)
    The OC
    90210 (the show)
    One Tree Hill
    Manifest Destiny (check this one if you're white)
    Using healing crystals (not related to a religion or spirituality)
    Undercover Boss
    Amazing Race
    The Bachelor
    Victoria's Secret
    Voting for Trump
    Pumpkin Spice anything
    Spelling names in a "quirky" way (i.e. Ashlaieigh)
    Fascination with Europe
    Guns and Camouflage
    Categorizing something as "ethnic" (i.e. "ethnic food")
    Drinking "chai" tea
    Using Hitler as an example in conversation
    Conspiracy theories
    Chinese takeout
    Using the n-word as a non-black person
    Neck beards
    Investigating freaky noises in the dark alone
    Gossip Girl
    Working out to the point of throwing up
    Frockets (front pockets on shirts)
    Spin class
    Mason jars
    Oppression Olympics ("you think YOU'VE got it hard,,,")
    Appropriative Halloween costumes
    The "Speak to the Manager" Haircut

How Much Are YOU Into White Culture?

You're on your way to being taken into the new world that is White Culture. Watch out!

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It has taken complete hold of you, despite your best efforts. Take your pumpkin spice and hope for the best!

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