How Much Are YOU Into White Culture?

Below is a list of things considered to be “White Culture.” Check things that you do, like, or watch, to see how deep into White Culture you are!

  1. How many of these things do you do, like, and watch?
    1. Casseroles
    2. Healing crystals
    3. Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, or Fresh Market
    4. Girls (the show)
    5. Dave Matthews Band
    6. Kanye West
    7. Childish Gambino
    8. Hummus
    9. Weezer
    10. Acoustic covers of songs
    11. PBR
    12. Kylie Jenner
    13. Extreme sports
    14. Journey (the band)
    15. Journeyz (the store)
    16. Big Bang Theory
    17. Naked and Afraid
    18. Full House
    19. Friends (the show)
    20. Fresh Prince of Bel Air
    21. Going back to nature
    22. Ford F-250s
    23. Upcycling
    24. Very close relationships with pets
    25. Mountain climbing and/or skiing
    26. Unicycling
    27. Columbusing
    28. Lifestyle blogging
    29. Voluntourism
    30. World of Warcraft
    31. League of Legends
    32. Runescape
    33. Skyrim
    34. Mint chocolate chip ice cream
    35. Lululemon
    36. Jeeps without doors
    37. Narrating animals’ lives
    38. Dip (chewing tobacco)
    39. Target
    40. Pronouncing Target as “tar-zhay”
    41. Poorly blended hair extensions
    42. Big Green Tractor (do you know it?)
    43. Using salt as a spice
    44. Bath bombs
    45. Wearing shorts in the cold
    46. Cemetery activities (i.e. doing things in a cemetery that AREN’T funeral or death related)
    47. The OC
    48. 90210 (the show)
    49. One Tree Hill
    50. Manifest Destiny (check this one if you’re white)
    51. Using healing crystals (not related to a religion or spirituality)
    52. Survivor
    53. Undercover Boss
    54. Amazing Race
    55. The Bachelor
    56. Victoria’s Secret
    57. Voting for Trump
    58. Pumpkin Spice anything
    59. Spelling names in a “quirky” way (i.e. Ashlaieigh)
    60. Philosophy
    61. Fascination with Europe
    62. Guns and Camouflage
    63. Categorizing something as “ethnic” (i.e. “ethnic food”)
    64. Drinking “chai” tea
    65. Using Hitler as an example in conversation
    66. Conspiracy theories
    67. Chinese takeout
    68. Using the n-word as a non-black person
    69. Neck beards
    70. Investigating freaky noises in the dark alone
    71. Gossip Girl
    72. Working out to the point of throwing up
    73. Frockets (front pockets on shirts)
    74. Spin class
    75. Mason jars
    76. EDM
    77. Oppression Olympics (“you think YOU’VE got it hard,,,”)
    78. Appropriative Halloween costumes
    79. The “Speak to the Manager” Haircut

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