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The 20 Absolute Worst Parts About Being A Receptionist

If you have ever managed the front desk of any office/ will understand this list of miseries

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1. People stealing your pens, stapler, postits....ALL OF YOUR STUFF

2. Dealing with idiots on the phone...who don't feel like listening to their voicemail first

"uhhh I have a missed call from you." Well I definitely didn't call you.

3. That screeching fax machine banshee who sometimes calls

my earzz

4. Trying, just for once, to eat your lunch uninterrupted and in peace

stop looking at me. will ya just let me finish one bite

5. Horrible back, butt, and leg aches from sitting for hours on end

6....which can lead to someone catching you awkwardly stretching

nothing to see here

7. The fact that your bladder seems to hold way more liquid than ever before... since you're a prisoner to your desk/phone all day

8. The food delivery guys all seem to arrive at once

9. People asking if their lunch arrived yet

No...just like every other day...I will let you know the exact moment it does..

10. Or even better, when food arrives with no name..

whyyyy. just include your name on your Seamless order!

11. Employees who have worked there years longer than you asking where the printer is...

I...I just can't..

12. Having the great privilege to be one of about 5 people in the office on holidays..

13. When the supplies your boss told you to order don't arrive on time

Prepare to be yelled at and die...all because of some copy paper

14. That awkward moment when somebody definitely catches you on facebook or taking a snapchat

too bad you'll probably see them about 10 more times throughout the day. Since you sit FRONT AND CENTER IN THE LOBBY

15. You don't dare leave out candy anymore...because you quickly learned how every employee turns into that selfish fat kid on halloween

16. Being put on hold

17. Sometimes you just get tired of having to say hello to EVERYONE

18. Getting hit on by the creepy mail men

19. When the phone decides to ring for that one second you step away

of course nowwww it rings

20. The moment you realize you have scrolled as far as humanly possible into the past on Buzzfeed...and now there is nothing left to do with your day...except work I guess..

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