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Reasons Why 'The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon' Is The Best Valentine's Day Gift This February

Let's face it. This Valentine's Day, you will probably receive either a whole lotta nothin...or some mediocre flowers. Stop those V-Day tears people. Only a depressing Saturday/Sunday later, Jimmy Fallon will be taking over The Tonight Show!

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Did you have a rough Valentine's Day weekend? Are you eating a tub of ice cream half filled with tears of the past? Is it 11:30? Turn off The Notebook, turn on NBC, and watch your boy Jimmy Fallon take over The Tonight Show. If that's not enough, soon enough, Seth Meyers will be premiering on Late Night. What more could you want? So this February, if Valentine's Day sucks, you have February 17 to make it all better!

Seth will make Late Night his own though... rumor has it--he might not even have a band

such a risk takerrrr

Update: Fred Armison will be leading Seth's Late Night band!! If that's not the best idea they've ever had...IDK what is

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