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An Open Letter To All Of You Haters Of The 'How I Met Your Mother' Finale

*SPOILERS* To all who hated the HIMYM finale, cry me a river, build me a bridge...and appreciate this LEGENDARY ending in comedy television.

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Dear HIMYM Fans who feel betrayed,

First and foremost, none of you realize that if the finale did not end with an amazing shocking twist, you would be even more upset than you are now. Yes, you claim that if it ended 3 minutes earlier you would be happier. Would you though? Or would you have just been like MEH, happy ending, that's nice. Speechless and crying is better than bored, because-hey, this is television.

Now let's get down to it. How about we TRY to take a different perspective on it all? Throughout those long 9 years, this show was about FRIENDSHIP and the unpredictability of LOVE. These are the 2 most important things in life, and can come in all shapes & sizes. Admit it - HIMYM did not give us that fairytale ending you wanted. It did not give us a sappy, cheesy, comedic ending with a freeze frame of a bunch of friends fake laughing. This ending was REFRESHING, REAL, & quite frankly PERFECT. This is real life. People get divorced. People die. Friends lose touch. BAD THINGS HAPPEN IN LIFE. It's what happens afterwards and how you handle it that matters. The love of Ted's life died, but that doesn't mean he's not allowed to find happiness again. And who's better than someone he has loved both romantically in the past, but also as a life-long best friend. Tracy (the mother) found love again after her first love Max passed away. After her passing, she has now returned to this first love, just as did Ted. It's likeee a circle of life sortof thangg.

Ted Mosby never gave up on love. He also never settled for anything less than the perfect match who didn't just tolerate his flaws, but actually kindof liked them. Robin was not Ted's perfect match, but he never gives up on those who are special in his life. Robin did not fully compliment every aspect about him. There is no doubt in my mind that Tracy was Ted's true love, and that he loved her more than he ever loved Robin. But life is not a perfect fairytale; bad things happen. Although Ted lost the love of his life, she gave him 2 of the most perfect gifts he could have ever wanted. Ted Mosby was always meant to be the best Dad. After losing Tracy, Ted is allowed to find happiness again. He was lucky enough fall back in love with one of his lifelong best friends. The bottom line is, Ted is happy. Ted had a lot of shit happen in his life, but he ALWAYS dug himself out those holes and NEVER gave up on love. Although real life circumstances took his love away from him, he was still able to resurface and find happiness again.

So STFU everybody. Try to learn something from Ted Mosby:

1. Don't ever give up on love, it's worth waiting for

2. Don't let bad things in life keep you down

3. Keep those who are special to you close, forever

4. You can always find happiness again after enduring the darkest of times.

Because that's real life. You have to fight for what you want.

Thank you Ted Mosby. Thank you How I Met Your Mother, for taking a realistic approach on life and giving us 9 years of laughter, tears, and ongoing jokes we will quote for ever.

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