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    This Brooklyn Artist Turns People Into Superheroes, And We Love It

    The artist, who goes by SonofaSaint, has been commissioned by WWE superstars and celebrities.

    This is Angel Manuel Lopez, better known as SonofaSaint. He started out as the lead singer of a band called Biting Saints.

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    He's a Brooklyn artist who got his start in a metal band called Biting Saints.

    These days, he makes his living as an in-demand graphic artist.

    Via Facebook: pg

    Pretty cool stuff.

    Sure, he does the corporate stuff, and he has a lot of creative this one, about President Donald Trump.

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    But the stuff we're in love with the most is his "superhero mashups."

    Via Facebook: pg

    Here's model and makeup artist Lyssa Honey as her favorite villain, Harley Quinn.

    Ever wondered what Nick Bateman would look like as Gambit?

    Via Facebook: pg

    Looks about right.

    Jennifer Lopez as Catwoman might be the coolest thing we've seen in a long time.

    Via Facebook: pg

    Time for a reboot!

    This re-imagining of Rosario Dawson as Daredevil actually got a "like" from the actress on Instagram.

    Via Facebook: pg

    If only they had cast her in the movie instead...

    SonofaSaint is so good at this that WWE superstar Melina commissioned him to re-imagine her as Wonder Woman.

    Via Facebook: sonofasaint

    That's hot.

    So if you want a piece of work of your own, contact SonofaSaint. He's in Brooklyn...but he's not a hipster.

    Via Facebook: TheHellrazer

    Seriously. Don't let the beard fool you. He's a nice guy!

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