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20 Steps To Becoming Hangry

Sometimes you get hungry, and sometimes you get hangry (hungry & angry).

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3. You try to make lunch a social event.


You invite your friends to happy hour to talk about what you think Mila & Ashton will name their baby, and sip (or gulp, depending on how your day is going) on Margaritas.

7. You decide what kind of food you’re in the mood for (harder than it seems).


Your list contains: Chipotle, Panda Express, and Panera. You’re not 100% sure about Chinese food (this isn’t a girls night), and you don’t want to eat a whole Chipotle burrito in one sitting. But Panera can be expensive, and it’s not even sweater weather.

8. You brainstorm cheap options.


Well there’s always Jack in the Box, 2/$1.00 tacos. Or you could get some fries and a McChicken from McDonald’s. Oh! Taco Bell has that new dollar cravings menu!

But wait, you’re in your twenties, not high school. You can afford some class.

9. You realize it's dinnertime.


In between evaluating your options and online shopping you realize its 6:00pm aka dinnertime. So now it’s a whole new ball game. You've barely eaten today so you don’t care about calories or portions. You just want a hearty meal to fill your empty stomach.

10. Here comes the angry.


Now your stomach is making obnoxious noises. You start to feel light headed. You’re upset no one is there to go though this with you (see #4). You don’t care about money, or proximity. You just want food. NOW.

13. Pizza. Because pizza makes everything better.


You order two medium 2-topping pizzas from Dominos because they’re $5.99 each. You can eat one tonight and one for breakfast in the AM, so you won’t run into the same problem tomorrow.

19. You enter into a food coma.


You can’t believe you just ate the whole pizza. Your hanger has disappeared, but you feel like you could sleep forever, and possibly through up.

You are also experiencing minor eater's remorse, which is understandable.

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