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The Creepy, The Crawly, & The Downright Eerie: YouTube's Top 5 Horror Narrators

From class acts like CreepsMcPasta to little-known, bass-voiced gems like Mr. Mysterious, let's explore some of the best narrators and storytellers offered by YouTube's bolstering horror community.

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5. Top 5s

Top 5s / Via

Who more suitable for the 5th spot than Top 5s? With over 315 million combined views and a whopping 2.1 million subscribers, Top 5s is without doubt one of the most popular countdown channels. What lands him on this list, though, is his penchant for all things paranormal, unexplainable, and mysterious. From lost underwater worlds to supernatural encounters caught on tape, Top 5s has something for everyone.

Check out the channel here.

4. CreepsMcPasta

Creepsmcpasta / Via

Describing his channel as "Youtube Horror with a British Twist," CreepsMcPasta is the master storyteller breathing life into the Internet's favorite creepypastas. The atmosphere created in his videos adds to the macabre subject matter of the tales he narrates, blurring the line between fiction and truth. Be warned! This channel is not for the faint of heart.

Check out the channel here.

3. Corpse Husband

ondeko (Deviantart) / Via

Corpse Husband's powerful videos sit in stark contrast to his humbleness: "I tell scary stories, mostly true, and you get scared. And I guess some people like that." Best known for his agonizingly deep baritone, Corpse recounts tales of true horrific experiences, running the gamut from middle-of-nowhere gas station nightmares to skinwalker encounters.

Check out the channel here.

2. Lazy Masquerade

Lazy Masquerade / Via

Best described as Corpse Husband's British counterpart (with whom he often collaborates), Lazy Masquerade's followers have been affectionately dubbed the Lazy Legion. In terms of variety, Lazy's videos may just be the best. Leaving no stone uncovered, he often scrounges up tales of yanderes from 2chan, deep web horror from 4chan, and disturbing experiences from all across Reddit. Lazy takes as much pleasure in his work as do his 550,000 subscribers, ending each video with his cheeky catchphrase: "Remember, the best things happen in the dark."

Check out the channel here.

1. Mysterious 5

Mysterious 5 / Via

Last and certainly not least, we have Mysterious 5, another horror-focused countdown conglomerate hosted by the illustrious Mr. Mysterious. His fans adore him for his deep, gritty voice and eloquent video introductions, but the content is definitely the channel's strong suit. No stranger to hosting interactive live streams on themed topics, Mr. Mysterious's videos often contain photographic or video evidence, making the disturbing subject matter that much more... mysterious.

Check out the channel here.

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