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    What Is The Best Batman Suit?

    Batman has been in a lot of different films over the years, and his fashion sense has wavered substantially. Which of his suits is the best one?

    1. Lewis Wilson (1943)

    The original Batman film was a 15-chapter serial produced by Columbia Pictures in 1943.

    Pros: Outfit is sexy.

    Cons: Maybe too sexy?

    2. Robert Lowery (1949)

    Lowery played the Caped Crusader in a 1949 serial, also produced by Columbia.

    Pros: Tight-fitting spandex conforms to the contours, peaks and valleys of the majestic human body.

    Cons: Probably not bulletproof.

    3. Adam West (1966)

    West played Batman in a film adaptation of the campy live-action series.

    Pros: Colorful bat logo, eyebrows drawn onto cowl.

    Cons: Utility belt is high up on the waist, like how an old person wears their pants.

    4. Michael Keaton (1989)

    Michael Keaton was the first of the Tim Burton Batmans. (EDIT: this originally, incorrectly said Joel Schumacher. I have given myself 40 lashes in the hopes that you can forgive me.)

    Pros: Simple, elegant black and yellow color combinations.

    Cons: Looks straight-up lazy next to Jack Nicholson's dapper Joker.

    5. Michael Keaton (1992)

    Pros: Still simple and elegant.

    Cons: It's the nineties now. Why doesn't Batman look more grunge?

    6. Val Kilmer (1995)

    In Batman Forever, Kilmer actually wore a suit resembling Keaton's until Two-Face and The Riddler destroyed the Bat Cave and he switched to a newer model.

    Pros: Subtle, understated use of the Bat logo.

    Cons What is up with the sculpted abs? And that shiny metallic look isn't exactly stealth.

    7. George Clooney (1997)

    In Batman & Robin, George Clooney wore a batsuit with nipples on it.

    Pros: [Any possible worthwhile aspects are overshadowed by the Bat-nipples]

    Cons: Nipples on a batsuit.

    8. Christian Bale (2005)

    Pros: Good amount of protection that still allows for dexterity and flexibility.

    Cons: Cape is maaaaaaybe too long?

    9. Christian Bale (2008)

    Pros: Still no nipples on it.

    Cons: Lucius Fox upgraded the suit for even greater dexterity, sacrificing some of the suit's ability to stop bullets.

    Which Batman suit is the best? Cast your vote in the comments.

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