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Things You Could Have Done While Waiting For The Longest Tennis Match Ever to End

The Epic 11-hour match between John Isner and Nicholas Mahut just ended. Eisner won (spoilers!). Here's what you could have done instead of watching a French guy and a 6'9" giant swat a ball back and forth for 660 minutes.

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  • Watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy 1.1827957 times

    The extended cut of the trilogy is only 20 minutes longer than the tennis match.

  • Watch all 3 Toy Story films 2.4 times

    Highly recommended.

  • Watch the Godfather trilogy 1.21100917 times

    An offer you could probably refuse.

  • Watch 7.333333 World Cup games

    Ignoring injury time.

  • Probably pick up your iPhone 4 (probably)

    And probably have enough time left over to drop at least 10 calls!