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    The Best Comments From BuzzFeed's YouTube Curation Intro

    In case you didn't hear, we curated YouTube today. Neat! We got a lot of really great and interesting comments on our introduction video.

    • Here's the original video...

    • ... although, I think that this frame sums it up pretty well.

    • Now, comments!

      Good constructive criticism

    • Scott Lamb, editor

    • If you have apergers, you are excused, but we need a note from your doctor.

    • More flued next time. Got it.

    • Thanks!

    • Thumbs up!

    • Don't even pretend, Scott.

    • Someone is calling us out.

    • Oof.

    • A lot of people were complaining about the new YouTube UI as if we caused it. Consider this a formal apology.

    • He commented on YouTube.

    • Exactly.

    • Winner for "Best Use of Vocabulary."

    • Scott, what on Earth did you do?

    • This guy gets it, but it's too late for humanity.

    • Don't h8.

    • Winner for "Best Use of Insane Clown Posse."

    • Okay, this is a pretty good burn, I think.

    • There goes Scott's chance at an Oscar.

    • Also not hard: spelling, capitalization and punctuation.

    • One day, your dreams will come true.

    • This guy knows all about art. Good job!

    • For quality videos, check out cfullermusic's profile!

    • Apparently, Dr. Steve Brule has a monopoly on poorly produced video content.

    • Again with this grey bar autoplay stuff?

    • "Zoom in. Now enhance."

    • Just a tip for next time.

    • Pardon the interruption

    • Translation

    • Koodos, indeed.

    • She gets it.

    • I feel ya, dawg.

    • It did fall into the frame! Consider your day made.

    • Even your mom knows this.

    • So 'retared.'

    • Pretty good zinger.

    • We've been duped!

    • "Flipping the saying cards"

    • Love getting free shit.

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