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The Best Comments About Jimmy Dean Products From The Jimmy Dean Website

The world lost a legend yesterday with the passing of Jimmy Dean, a talented musician, actor, television host, and most importantly, sausage magnate. Here are what commenters at had to say about the man's meat products.

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  • "I love Jimmy Dean products;however, i feel cheated when I heat my breakfast sandwich in the microwave and all of the cheese has melted on to the papertowel.I hope there 's a complimentary apology for this along with a solution to this problem."

  • Bacon, Eggs, Potatoes and Cheddar Cheese Breakfast Bowls

    "They are great ! My kids and wife also love them . Its getting to the point where I have to hide some for"

  • Three Cheese Omelets

    "love thge 3 cheese omelet but too hard to find. I have to drive 75 miles to buy them & then they only have 5 or so to buy"

  • Sausage Breakfast Skillet

    "Excellent product! Jimmy Dean really did it right on this one! I chop up an extra cup of onions (I'm a cooked onion nut!) and a couple jalapenos to jazz it up a bit, but it is excellent just as is! Great as a breakfast sandwich on leftover steamed hamburger buns, just don't stir after you add the eggs. Simply reduce heat and let all the ingredients set together. Fantastic with picante sauce!"

  • Blueberry Pancakes & Sausage Minis

    "Is it possible to tour the Jimmy Dean sausage facility in Florance, Alabama?"

  • Original Pancakes & Sausage On A Stick

    "Can anyone suggest how to heat and hold the pancake and sausage on a stick for 400 people over about a two hour period?"

  • Country Breakfast Casserole

    "Here's a idea you might want too consider, the are alot of spanish, and mexican people in the US, how about a spanish omlet bagel sandwich or crossant."