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SXSW 2012: "If You Could Go Anywhere In Time, Where Would You Go?"

Originally, I had only asked this question to the cast of "Safety Not Guaranteed" because the movie is (sorta) about time travel, but then Scott made me ask it to everyone I spoke to. (Also, I had to record my interviews on my phone, which was also my camera, so that is why most of the people are not actually looking in my direction.)

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Jake Johnson, actor ("Safety Not Guaranteed")

"I'd probably go back to Chicago in the early '60s and see my mother and all her brothers and sisters growing up. I think that would always be fun. I used to fantasize about that when I was younger."

Lena Dunham, creator of HBO's "Girls"

"I'm pretty intrigued by medieval times, but I wouldn't want to be a peasant. I'd want to be a princess—a medieval princess with a lot of choices. That seems interesting to me. That's actually a period of time I'd love to make a movie about although my work doesn't necessarily scream medieval period piece."

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