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    How To Keep Cool During The Summer

    It is summer now and it is hot outside. Take some advice from these animals and stay cool.

    Do a bellyflop

    AFP / Getty Images

    Polar bear Vicks jumps in the pool of its enclosure at the Blijdorp Zoo, in Rotterdam.

    CLAUDIA OTTE / Getty Images

    Baby polar bear Anori jumps in the pool of its enclosure at the zoo in Wuppertal, western Germany, on June 6, 2012.


    Monkeys enjoy a cold bath in a pond during a hot day in a rural neighbourhood in Ayutthaya province, 50 miles north of Bangkok, which is seeing the hottest average temperatures in the last 30 years. Thailand's Ministry of Public Health has issued a warning for those at risk from the heat, including the elderly.

    Get a fan

    Play in a sprinkler or fountain

    Andrew Milligan / AP

    Libby the Lion cub puts her head under a water sprinkler which was placed in the lion enclosure by staff at Blair Drummond Safari Park, Scotland, to help them stay cool as the temperatures continue to rise towards the high 70's Fahrenheit.

    Andrew Milligan / AP
    TIMOTHY A. CLARY / Getty Images

    A dog lays on a sprinkler at a dog park on the Upper East Side of New York City on July 21, 2011 as people and animals try different ways to beat the hot weather.


    A pigeon cools off in a water fountain outside the Presidential Palace in Valletta May 28, 2012.

    Mike Brown / AP

    Leeloo, a 7-month-old chocolate lab, drinks from a specially-made water fountain for dogs on Tuesday, May 29, 2012, in Memphis, Tennessee.

    Drink iced tea

    Hang out at the bodega

    Hang out in your hammock

    Eat ice cream


    Go swimming

    Stay hydrated