• 1. Let’s get this out of the way first

    Okay? Okay.

  • 2. Octopuses can fit into small spaces

    For a vast majority of octopuses, the only hard part of their body is their beak. This allows them to contort and fit their bodies into small spaces to avoid predators. The can also shrink or augment skin pigmentation to change color.

  • 3. Mating kills them

    Well, not immediately, but males only live for a few months after dating, and females die shortly after their eggs hatch. Octopuses are genetically programmed for this, killed by endocrine secretions from their optic glands. Ironically, octopuses have three hearts.

  • 4. In the UK, octopuses are “honorary vertebrae”

    Because they have highly complex nervous systems, animal cruelty legislation affords them certain rights that other invertebrates may not receive. In some countries, it is illegal to perform surgery on an octopus without anesthesia.

  • 5. They have a ton of defensive options

    The primary defense tactics an octopus uses is to hide or run. They can also resort to spraying ink, camouflaging themselves, or cutting off their own limbs.

  • 6. Octopuses are aliens

    At least, according to the Hawaiian creation myth, they are. The theory is that our universe is only the most recent in a series. Octopuses are the lone survivors of that previous alien universe.

  • 7. Octopuses are a delicacy

    Octopuses are a common ingredient in Japanese food. Alternatively, I don’t think Spain will be eating a lot of paella over the next four years.

  • 8. Octopus Wrestling is a real sport

    It’s exactly what you think it is: A man grappling with an octopus.