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Clues on Alexey Karetnikov's Facebook Page

With the arrest of Microsoft software tester Alexey Karetnikov, the captured spy count is now up to 12. Go Team USA! According to Gawker, Karetnikov's secret identity is hinted at on his Facebook page. Here are some more clues that I discovered.

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  • 1. Orange sweater? It might as well be RED, comrade.

  • 2. Sakamoto Ryuichi singing a Christmas song. When I think of Christmas, I think of snow. And you know what country has snow? Russia.

  • 3. 'JULIA DUDNIKOVA' is an anagram of 'RUSSIAN SPY'

  • 4. 41 friends! 1941 is the year that the US entered World War II.

  • 5. What is that weird font? Looks like a secret spy cipher. First person to decode it gets a gold star.