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Chris Marker, Director Of "La Jetée," Has Died At 91

The French director is most famous for his short filmLa Jetée. The film also served as the inspiration for Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys. It's only 27 minutes long, so why not take a break and watch it?

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From The Telegraph:

Gilles Jacob, the president of the Cannes film festival, described Marker as a "curious spirit, an indefatigable film and video maker, a cat-loving poet, a secret person and an immense talent."

The Cinematheque Francaise paid tribute to Marker's unique mastery of the "art of poetic film-making."

Cinema critic Jean-Michel Frodon, a friend of Marker, said the director had died at his home in Paris on Sunday, his 91st birthday.

For a film-maker who repeatedly returned to the themes of memory and history, Marker was guarded about the details of his own life.

He was born Christian-Francois Bouche-Villeneuve in the wealthy Paris suburb of Neuilly but told some interviewers that he had been born in Mongolia. He eschewed publicity, refusing to be photographed or to present his films.

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