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    A Guide To All Of Cuba Gooding Jr.'s Direct-To-DVD Hits

    Cuba Gooding Jr. won an Oscar literally four thousand years ago. Now he makes bad movies to be sold at 7-Eleven.

    "The president is on his way to give a speech. While he is traveling there a man shows up with a camera. A reporter tries to ask a member of the secret service a question. When the president enters he is shot by the man with the camera."

    "After he awakens in a hospital, a man tracks down and murders the man that left him and a bank teller for dead during a robbery, only to end up having the slain thief's associates come after him in retaliation."

    "Mike Dixon (Cuba Gooding Jr.) is an agent working linewatch for the United States Border Patrol on the US/Mexico Border in New Mexico. He's well respected by his peers at US Border Patrol, and loved by his wife Angela (Sharon Leal) and 5-year-old daughter Emily (Deja Warrior).

    Mike and his partner Luis DeSanto (Omar Paz Trujillo) discover a van full of dead illegal immigrants, and they go in search of the "coyote" who was leading them across before he left them for dead."

    "Special Activities Division Paramilitary operative David Wolfe (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) stumbles upon an international conspiracy connecting presidential cabinet members to a Middle Eastern terrorist plot. Wanting to expose the truth, Wolfe defies orders to remain of [sic] the field, and returns to the US as an army of one fighting for American security and integrity."

    A self help author [Christian Slater] is hunted by thugs [including Cuba Gooding, Jr.] who believe the writer holds millions of dollars in diamonds stolen by his dead fiancée."

    "An elite group of soldiers led by Mack (Cuba Gooding, Jr.), are sent by a CIA agent named Elissa Cardell (Valerie Cruz) to rescue a scientist named Wesley (Ron Perlman), who is working on an archeological dig site and is Cardell's father, in the Middle Eastern desert. When they enter the dig site, which is a large underground laboratory, they encounter a priest who has strange boils all over his body. The team's medic, Doc (Taryn Manning) sedates the priest. Click (Brandon Fobbs) uses the dig sites terminal to activate the elevator and notices something codenamed the Gehenna Project and asks Cardell if she knows what it is but she denies knowing about it. Mack orders Nickels (Zack Ward) to stay and watch the priest while the rest of the team takes the elevator deeper into the dig site."

    "The film begins with Joshua (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) and his boss Vincent (Miguel Ferrer) driving to a hospital. Both seem to be shot and in pain. Joshua thinks back to his childhood, when his father was shot in front of his eyes.

    The film then flashes back and shows Joshua and his partner, Mickey (Johnny Messner) visiting people who owe Vincent money. They visit a crazy druggie who tells them that a small time drug dealer named Frankie Tahoe wants to kill Vincent."

    "In the not too distant future where corporations control nearly every aspect of human life, a man named Luke (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) is involved in a car accident that claims the life of his wife and their unborn child. Luke has severe brain damage, but Hope Corporation agrees to implant a chip into his brain to save his life. He discovers that this chip also constantly sends advertisements until either the person obtains the product, or they go insane."

    "The movie opens outside a rundown suburban house. Inside, a woman is seen viciously murdered and partially dissected in the bath tub. As the killer, Keech (Neal McDonough), washes his hands, a baby starts to cry. Keech approaches the baby. Despite the savagery of his attack on the woman he is surprisingly gentle with the baby, comforting him and saying, “she can't hurt you anymore”.

    The movie jumps forward 11 years to April 17, 2011. Investigative reporter Lewis Hicks (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) is struggling with a failing marriage with his wife Gina (Danielle Nicolet); a dubious relationship with short time girlfriend, District Attorney Felecia Carson (Veronica Berry) and a slumping career. When Hicks pays a surprise visit to Felecia she becomes upset when she sees he is still wearing his wedding band. She tells him she is ending the relationship due to his unwillingness to make a commitment."

    "A tough undercover cop inadvertently gets involved in a dangerous heroin ring when a young defector of the drug trade leaves his five year-old sister in his care."

    "Allan Campbell (Cole Hauser), a man who has had a very bad day, goes to a bar to drown his sorrows. He drunkenly befriends a mysterious man who calls himself Jonas (Cuba Gooding, Jr.), revealing to him a list of five people he wishes were dead.

    But as the bodies start piling up, and with a detective (Jonathan LaPaglia) hot on his trail, Allan, no longer believing the events to be a practical joke, must set out to end the murders before it is too late."