36 Hip Hop Lyrics About Bill Gates

Everyone aspires to be Bill Gates.

1. “All these bitches and niggas still hating / Yeah I used to be balling but now I’m Bill Gate-in”

Lil Wayne – “Bill Gates”

2. “They lovin’ my mixtapes, money like Bill Gates / I’m on top and it feels great”

Mac Miller - “Just My Imagination”

3. “I’mma go get money from Bill Gates, get rich / So I can build me a psycho-loft / So I can go psycho with my Micro-soft”

Flavor Flav – “Flavor-Man”

4. “It feel good eating steak / takin’ myself on dates / $40,000 in the bank / like a young Bill Gates”

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Riff Raff – “Bricks & Bad Bitches”

5. “I’m ‘bout to do it just like Bill Gates did it / Cause I was born-I was born to kill it”

Black-Eyed Peas – “Someday”

6. “The Ghetto Bill Gates so you know I got dollas / I’m flippin CDs from tape, to ‘cane we got power”

Master P – “I Don’t”

7. “Find me at a party with a pool of bitches / I’m the ghetto Bill Gates, went from rags to riches”

Master P – “I Don’t Give Ah What”

8. “In my neighborhood I’m Young Bill Gates, never shuffle the cake / So cover my face, and run up in the place”

The Game – “Rookie Card”

9. “If you lookin’ for yo’ girlfriend, I got her / I’m a boss, Bill Gates owe me 20 dollars”

Chip Tha Ripper – “Keep On Pushin’”

10. “The new Don Trump is Bill Gates / Not because his occupation, it’s cause we respect his cake / And cake mean his stock, net gross / Young kids step it up, go for the most”

Nas – “New World”

11. “Straight game face, it’s game day / See me wanna do the drop from the melee? / No trick plays, I’m Bill Gates, take a genius to understand me”

Flo Rida – “Good Feeling”

12. “Still that best of that good shit, professional hood shit / Bill Gates cake, I won’t settle for hood rich”

Wiz Khalifa – “Prince of the City”

13. “Pencilin’ my schedule that I gotta move on from mistakes / Number 1 albums, always givin’ you mixtapes / And that’s what I’mma do until I’m richer than Bill Gates”

Mac Miller – “Sunlight”

14. “It ain’t no limit to the dough I got / The Ghetto Bill Gates in the parkin’ lot”

Master P – “Back On Top”

15. “Watch Bill Gates buying islands / See we from the ghetto where ain’t nobody smiling”

Master P – “More 2 Life”

16. “And I’m just a teenager and I make this dough / Pull out my bankcard and Bill Gates feel broke”

Lil Wayne – “Jump Jiggy”

17. “(UNNNNNNNNGGGH) Lotta players wanna serve me / Cause I’m the ghetto Bill Gates but I’m legit, ya heard me??”

Master P – “Step To Dis”

18. “You and ya girls come follow me / I’m the ghetto Bill Gates, they call me Master P”

Master P – “Soulja Boo”

19. “Now I’m knocking like Jehovah; let me in now, let me in now / Bill Gates, Donald Trump: let me in now”

Nelly – “Country Grammar (Hot Shit)”

20. “I network on MySpace real late / Hoping my app’ll make me another Bill Gates”

Method Man and Redman – “A-Yo”

21. “Check checkmate props like the microchip founder / Neck to neck stock with Bill Gates now”

Ghostface Killah – “Mighty Healthy”

22. “You remind me of my diamonds, always shinin, I’m flawless girl / I’m a young Bill Gates, get all this girl, in my G4 we could tour the world”

Romeo – “My Cinderella”

23. “If Dr. King marched today would Bill Gates march / I know Obama would but would Hilary take part”

The Game – “Letter to the King”

24. “I said, ‘It’s gettin late, come on, give it to me straight / Who’s ya sponsor lady?’ She says, ‘Bill Gates.’ / What are ya born 77 or 78?”

Nas – “Who Killed It?”

25. “Next to Bill Gates, I’m tryna be runner up / Like the elevater shaft, baby girl is comin’ up”

Lil Kim – “Shake Ya Bum Bum”

26. “Pay yourself first, that’s one of my main mottos / Picture Bill Gates on the block dodgin’ hollows”

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LL Cool J – “Shake It Baby”

27. “It’s six years and countin’ if you think I’m a joke / Me gettin’ served is like Bill Gates and Oprah goin’ broke”

Ludacris – “Warning (Intro)”

28. “Look I only feel capes, and to get it I kill Jakes / By the time I’m 20 wanna be the ghetto Bill Gates”

Kelis – “Ghetto Children”

29. “Bill Gates don’t dangle diamonds in the face / Of peasants when he Microsoft’n in the place”

Outkast – “Red Velvet”

30. “In my neighborhood I’m Young Bill Gates, never shuffle the cake / So cover my face, and run up in the place”

The Game – “The Game Get Live”

31. “Phat rhymes to make it seem that I was like Bill Gates / Writing lines, seal fates”

Will Smith – “Who Am I?”

32. “And made tapes for bitches and drug dealas / And push 600 wit’ a bulletproof / The ghetto Bill Gates / The only president wit’ a gold tooth”

Master P – “Get your Paper”

33. “I spend absurd money, private bird money / That Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Bloomberg money (you know what it is)”

Diddy – “We Gon’ Make It”

34. “Now first, we gotta let you know everything / If you did, you’ll be living on the side of the mountains / Somewhere in Seattle like Bill Gates / And I don’t know everything that’s true / But I definitely do know more than you”

Ice-T – “Please Believe Me”

35. “Plumber of the game, that flood the state / In a stretch Phantom, with more Windows than Bill Gates”

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Nelly – “Grand Hang Out”

36. “Expandin’ more to the big screen, Bill Gates dreams / But it seems you’d rather see me in jail with state greens”

Nas – “Hate Me Now”

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