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22 Awesome Snow and Ice Sculptures

Man, it is hot outside. And I bet you probably lost power and don't have air conditioning. Here are some awesome ice sculptures to help you cool off. I even included some terrible pun names.

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  • Ice-icorn

  • Palace from the Legendary Ice Dynasty

  • Chief Sitting Ice

  • Ice Carriage

  • Mr. Frosty

  • King Tutankham-Ice

  • Snowbama

  • One fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Ice Fish

  • Chillin' in the park

  • Bear-y cold

  • Ice family

  • One cool castle

  • Ice ice baby

  • Snow strings attached

  • Alleged pedoph-ice-le

  • Cool chimera

  • Frost-tacular

  • Memoirs of a Very Cold Geisha

  • Do you snow what time it is?

  • Taj Mah-ice

  • Jimi Hendr-Ice

  • Dragonair evolved into DragonIce!