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17 Assassinations Caught On Film [Warning: Graphic]

The idea of getting caught on film clearly hasn't stopped people from trying to kill each other.

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Rajiv Gandhi / Via

Gandhi was assassinated in 1991 when a suicide bomber for the Tamil Tigers knelt down at his feet and detonated a bomb. A freelance photographer named Haribabu was documenting the event and was killed in the blast. On the left, the woman in orange is the bomber approaching Gandhi, and on the right, is a photo taken during the detonation.


Emiliano Zapata

Zapata, a major leader of the Mexican Revolution, practically became a martyr after this photo of his body was released shortly after his assassination in 1919. The photo was taken by Agustin Victor Casasola.

Inejiro Asanuma, head of the Japan Socialist Party

Japanese ultranationalist Otoya Yamaguchi withdraws his sword from Inejiro Asanuma after attacking him during a televised debate. Photographer Yasushi Nagao was able to capture the action on film.

Che Guevara

Guevara was captured by the Bolivian government and his execution was ordered shortly after it became apparent that interrogation would not get him to reveal anything. This photo taken by Freddy Alborta was released the following day.


Queen Elizabeth II

Marcus Sarjeant takes aim at Queen Elizabeth at a Trooping the Colour ceremony in 1981. He only fired blanks and was sentenced to five years in prison.

This photo was taken by George Uebel, a tourist also observing the ceremony, and played a central part in Sarjeant's prosecution.


Ninoy Aquino, Filipino politician

Airport security officer's load Ninoy Aquino's body onto a truck following his assassination in 1983. He was killed by Rolando Galman, a lone gunman, although conspiracy theories persist to this day about whether someone more powerful ordered the attack.

John F. Kennedy

JFK's assassination on November 22, 1963 was captured captured by Mary Moorman's Polaroid camera, and shows the President and First Lady as well as the infamous grassy knoll. Moorman can also be seen with her camera on the Zapruder film.

King Alexander I of Yugoslavia

Alexander was shot at close range by Vlado Chernozemski, a disgruntled Bulgarian, while the King was visiting Marseilles. He was quickly taken down immediately after the shooting. Alexander's assassination was one of the first captured on film.

Anton Cermak, Chicago politician

On February 15, 1933, Cermak was shot by Giuseppe Zangara, although it is believed that Zangara was actually aiming for FDR, who was visiting Miami that day. Cermak died a few weeks later, in part due to the gunshot wound he sustained.

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