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Nixon Rage Comic


bf 7 years ago

Great Ideas For Using Spam, The Best New Food

Spam, the best new food of 1937, is great! It's delicious and nutritious. Here are some tips to spice up your Spiced Ham even more.

bf 7 years ago

Cat Buzz

Buzzy cats.

bf 7 years ago

5 Other "Improved" Famous Paintings

Remember that amateur painter who totally improved that centuries-old painting of Jesus? Well, we were such big fans of her technique that we also helped touch up some other famous works.

bf 7 years ago

12 Different Ways To Say "Yeah"

From "jeah" to "chea," here are some other helpful ways to be affirmative.

bf 7 years ago

Kelly Clarkson Does An Acoustic Cover Of "Call Me Maybe"

According to a study released by the UN, a majority of the world's population has now covered this song; more than 3.5 billion people worldwide. By 2014, all children will have the lyrics encoded in their DNA.

bf 7 years ago

CNN Figures Out Julian Assange's Escape Plan

Julian Assange is trapped in the Ecuadorian embassy. How on earth will he escape? Maybe in the trunk of a car? CNN helps explain how to get into and out of the trunk of a car.

bf 7 years ago