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Cheats For Any Noob

Video games are hard enough for those of us with little or no hand-eye coordination, but throw in all of those gaming terms, and we're just pwned. So here is some basic terminology to get you started.

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2. FPS


First Person Shooter: A game in which the storyline is played from the player's point of view, and the player usually (but not always) has a weapon of some sort. Perfect example: COD (see #4)

3. RPG


Role Playing Game: usually lengthy games with a storyline, often involving some sort of quest. It usually involves leveling your character, like making her/him stronger, faster, etc. Example: WoW (#5)

4. CoD


Call of Duty: An extremely post popular combat video game. It was originally based off of World War II, but has since expanded to other armed conflicts.

5. WoW


World of Warcraft: Arguably the most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) of all time. And I'm talking POPULAR--at one point it had over 15 million subscribers.

6. Camp


Describes a tactic some people choose to use in combat games, (like FPS games), in which they stay and hide in one place to better take out opponents. Bonus: these people are naturally called "campers.'"

7. Open World


A type of game that allows the player essentially limitless access to the entire virtual world. Example: Grand Theft Auto

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