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10 Worst Fashion Trends of 2009

As we say goodbye to this year, let us also say good riddance to these trends – from hideous leggings to harem pants.

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  • 1. Hideous Leggings

    Leather leggings, "liquid" leggings, printed leggings, lace leggings, denim leggings, Lindsay Lohan’s knee pad” leggings … basically any leggings that are going to make you look bigger than you are just not a good idea. Just because Kate Moss can pull a look off doesn’t mean the rest of us can, hmm pets? Too bad no one told Leighton Meester, above. Maybe Mean Betty should have sent her a mirror for Christmas?

  • 2. Anything Worn and/or Designed by Lindsay Lohan

    Fashion icon Lindsay Lohan is not. What is she wearing there on the left… a small shower curtain? And on the right – well, Mean Betty would cover her eyes too!

  • 3. Grotesque High Heels, as Exemplified by Alexander McQueen's Hoof Shoes

    Mean Betty wants to know … why would you want your feet to look those of a foot-bound cow?

  • 4. Messy Hair on the Red Carpet

    Kristin Stewart, as usual, looks like she can barely be bothered to stand in front of that poster, let alone pull a brush through her limp locks. And Leighton Meester looks like Mean Betty when she’s spend too much time at the computer and is using a pencil to keep her hair up. Honestly darlings, what’s wrong with a little old school glamour?

  • 5. Underwear as Outerwear

    First of all, Paris Hilton should never try to copy Rihanna. Second of all ... Tell Mean Betty, pets, didn’t we get this out of our systems in the '80s?

  • 6. Return of Night of the Living '80s

    Truly, the ‘80s was one of the worst decades for fashion in the history of humankind. Why must we revisit jumpsuits, the neon palette, and awkward oversize shoulder pads? Why? WHY????

  • 7. No Pants

    Of course, Lady Gaga is the poster girl for this look, but it seems to be contagious … dear, impressionable Blake Lively and Vanessa Hudgens seem to be infected.

  • 8. The Dirty Hipster

    Russell Brand and Samantha Ronson seem to share the same stylist. Is there something attractive about looking as if one hasn’t bathed in several weeks and sleeps on the floor?

  • 9. Harem Pants

    Please, darlings, this is not a good look on ANYONE. Kim Kardashian has a lovely figure but here she just looks like a clown who fell from the sky. Oughtn’t we wear clothes that actually flatter us and don’t make us look like penguins that need our diapers changed?

  • 10. Open Toe Cloven Hoof Boots

    Why, kittens, why? Why would anyone deliberately don boots that make their legs look as if they end in stumpy cloven hooves? If they make Beyonce and Hilary Duff look bad, think what they do to the rest of us! Mean Betty saved this hideousness foe the end, so it will burn into your eyes and you will go forth into the glorious New Year chanting, “NO TOE CLEAVAGE!”