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The Evolution Of Charity In The Modern Community

The world has now become a global community where different countries can feel, empathize and care very much about one another. Truly, charity has taken a completely different meaning. It has reached a global level, you can give aid to earthquake victims time zones away, you can clothe, feed and care for starving children in war torn countries.

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Charity as a word, which still maintains its meaning as giving to those that are desperately in need and less privileged.


We imagine charity as poor people lined up on the street but in reality, it goes beyond that. The concept of charity has been further strengthened by the Bible and being charitable means extending love to anybody around and trying your possible best to assist those who are in dire need.

Over the years, various types of charities have sprung up, from outfits that aim to provide and spread the value of education to children and adults alike, some aim to provide more food and clean water. Others aim to provide shelter, clothing, supplies, drugs and all kinds of relief to the less privileged.

Charities are very involved in repairs, constructions, enlightening and even rehabilitating ex-convicts and drug addicts.

One of the foremost Charities that have relentlessly pursued to enlighten and provide succor is the Hope Now Ministries USA, launched in 1992.


The Ministry has continually provided positive contribution to the people of Ukraine. Founder, Rev. Vic Jackopson started this foundation following a visit to the country after the fall of the Soviet Union. And over the years, the team has worked to improve the quality of life for orphans living without families, brought faith to those in prisons and fed hungry people living on the edge of existence.

Charity has taken a new form since the turn of the century. Sitting home, you can make a difference at the end of the world. Taking the time to make donations go a long way and the individuals at the points of relief are always assisted and grateful for each contribution. Your widow’s might will always mean something.

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