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    6 Celebrities Who Want To Get Big Money Out Of Politics

    If you think there is too much corporate influence in Washington right now, you are not alone. Some famous people think so too. Here is a list of celebrities who are trying to make this issue a little more glitzy and glamorous--and even one who wants you to associate it with ice cream.

    6. Ben & Jerry's

    Stamp Stampede / Via Imgur

    Ya, the ice cream guys. When they are not perfecting the flavor of Chunky Monkey, they are stamping money out of politics with the non-profit, Stamp Stampede. They are literally stamping dollar bills with messages like "Not to be Used for Bribing Politicians" and "Corporations are Not People."

    5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt / Via Youtube

    This is an actor who can effortlessly cut a rug and set many hearts aflutter. Yes, he can sing and dance but he also cares a lot about our broken government. He recently joined the MAYDAY campaign, which hopes to undo the corruptive influence of money on our elected lawmakers. He's pretty convincing so check out his video message.

    4. George Takei

    3spolf / Via quickmeme

    He was once mostly known as Captain Sulu from "Star Trek," lately he likes to tell his 1.38+ million Twitter followers to just call him Uncle George. If you love the internet, you love George Takei because he has seriously conquered the internet in the last few years. And he also kinda saved the MAYDAY campaign's goal to raise $5 million by July 4 with a single tweet to his large fan base:

    Battlestations! If you follow me, I ask you RT this. Donate $3 to take back our democracy from the super wealthy:

    6:34am - 4 Jul 14

    3. Alec Baldwin

    Susan Walsh / Via AP

    Alec Baldwin, who played the super competent TV exec Jack Donaghy in the NBC sitcom "30 Rock," can be very persuasive about reducing corporate influence in political elections. In 2011, he endorsed Senator Dick Durbin's Fair Elections Now Act, saying, "Here in Washington, those with money and access to money get attention and results from politicians, and average Americans are left to live with the consequences."

    2. Sam Waterston

    Fair Elections for New York / Via Youtube

    When you watch this video from Fair Elections for New York, imagine Jack McCoy--the best District Attorney that New York City has ever seen!--is talking to you about clean elections...or Jack McCoy from "Law & Order," played by actor Sam Waterston.

    1. Moby

    Stamp Stampede / Via Pinterest

    Things you may NOT know about this iconic musician...Moby is a champion of animal rights. He seriously never ages. His full name is Richard Melville Hall.

    And he doesn't want his dollar to be used for bribing politicians.