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9 Comedies That Deserve More Recognition

While these movies aren't exactly underrated, they have not received the praise they deserve. These are pure gold and everyone needs to acknowledge their brilliance.

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1. Hot Tub Time Machine

Plot: A malfunctioning time machine at a ski resort takes a man back to 1986 with his two friends and nephew, where they must relive a fateful night and not change anything to make sure the nephew is born.

Why you should watch it: Astonishingly this movie did not kill it in the box office even though it rightfully should have. I think it gained a little bit of praise after the fact but it’s still on this list because it was underappreciated from the start and it is a great comedy that deserves your undivided attention. Mostly I deem a movie a good watch if 1) I can watch it repeatedly without getting bored. And 2) it has great quotable lines. This movie has both of those, and even though the time travel story has been done numerous times, this version is great because instead of going back in time and having to avoid or worry about running into their past selves, they ARE their past selves. Except for Jacob, the nephew, who is his regular self for unknown reasons (maybe because this is, ya know, a movie and also time travel isn’t real so they can do whatever the hell they want in the story); but his character provides for great generational jokes and an even more ridiculous plot twist.

2. Fired Up!

Plot: The two most popular guys in high school decide to ditch football camp for cheerleader camp. For the girls and for the glory.

Why you should watch it: If you have not seen this movie, and chances are you haven’t. I recommend you stop whatever you’re doing right now, sit down, and strap in to watch a movie that will have you asking “where has this movie been all my life?” You probably remember seeing the trailer for this movie and thought to yourself “eh another low budget comedy” and I thought the same thing, but give this movie a chance and you will not regret it. Even with its simple plot, this movie is incredibly witty and has quick comedic lines delivered by the smart mouthed Nick (played by Eric Christian Olsen) and equally cheeky Shawn (played by Nicholas D'Agosto). There are so many great lines in this movie that the fact that no one ever knows what I’m referencing is a serious problem that needs to be addressed (although I’m not positive if its related to the lesser known movie or people’s lack of quoting abilities).

3. Bachelorette

Plot: Three friends are asked to be bridesmaids at a wedding of a woman they used to ridicule back in high school.

Why you should watch it: Bachelorette is essentially what I had imagined Bridesmaids to be: the female version of the hangover. A group of 4 friends reunited a wedding of the one friend who is absent for the majority of the movie while the other 3 endure a night of intoxicated irresponsible shenanigans. Kirsten Dunst delivers what is, in my opinion, her most convincing performance Along with Lizzy Caplan (Janice from Mean girls), and Isla Fisher (Confessions of a Shopaholic), these three actresses portray a great dysfunctional dynamic that can relate to any group of girlfriends.

4. Josie And The Pussycats

Plot: A girl group find themselves in the middle of a conspiracy to deliver subliminal messages through popular music in this send up of the music industry and pop culture.

Why you should watch it: Catchy pop songs, cute boy-banders, and pussycats: It's basically what the internet's dreams are made of. This satirical comedy comments on the music industry and how it manipulates the talent as well as the fans in order to make crazy amounts of money (hitting a little too close to home One Direction?) Although it is a bit of a cheesy comedy it still has a great story, funny characters, and a pretty kick-ass soundtrack.

5. Home Alone 3

Plot: Alex Pruitt, a young boy of nine living in Chicago, fend off thieves who seek a top-secret chip in his toy car to support a North Korean terrorist organization's next deed.

Why you should watch it: Now before you start your “The original 'Home Alones' were so much better,” and “It’s not even the same kid actor,” I want you to shut your judgment and listen because although this movie wears the same name as “Home Alone” and “Home Alone 2 Lost in New York” it is it’s own identity. I will admit that I am probably a bit biased because I saw Home Alone 3 before I saw the originals, but after watching all of them this one is still my favorite. The plot is different already because when Alex gets left at home it is just under unfortunate circumstances: he is home sick with the chicken pox, and both of his parents have to be at work. So already it’s better for the plain fact that his family didn’t just abandon him somewhere. Also there are four idiotic bad guys which means that’s double the pranks and booby traps for them to fall for. I don’t believe it was trying to be better or recreate the first two, it is, in my opinion, a stand alone film.

6. Heavyweights

Plot: Plump kids are lured into joining a posh fat camp with the promise of quick weight loss and good times, only to find that the facility is a woodland hellhole run by a psycho ex-fitness instructor.

Why you should watch it: Let’s be honest, Disney channel movies from back in the day were the shit, and “Heavy Weights” is a perfect example. Ben Stiller plays the crazy health obsessed psychopathic fitness instructor, Tony Perkins, who was most likely the inspiration for his character White Goodman from Dodge ball. The kids of the camp play pranks on the new staff and basically win in the end, but not before Perkins tries to kill them all with fitness.

7. Stick It

Plot: After a run-in with the law, Haley Graham is forced to return to the world from which she fled some years ago. Enrolled in an elite gymnastics program run by the legendary Burt Vickerman, Haley’s rebellious attitude gives way to something that just might be called team spirit.

Why you should watch it: Gymnastics and girl power might not be your thing but this movie paints gymnasts in a new, and more accurate, light. While striving for unattainable perfection, these girls show that they are absolute badasses. This unexpected feel good movie has, of course, good quotes but more importantly shows the painfully honest truth behind competing in the Olympic sport.

8. Waiting...

Plot: Young employees at Shenaniganz restaurant collectively stave off boredom and adulthood with their antics.

Why you should watch it: Although Waiting… was never exactly popular, it was in my opinion a great film that reveals the [scary] truth behind working in the restaurant business. With so many famous actors in it, I was surprised that not many people knew about this movie. This movie will give you a new perspective on going out to dinner and will hopefully make you appreciate your waiter a bit more. Bottom line: Don’t fuck with people that handle your food.

9. Sydney White

Plot: A modern retelling of Snow White set against students in their freshman year of college in the greek system.

Why you should watch it:I'll admit that this movie is really silly but there are many scenes that had be bursting into laughter. A bit unexpected, but the 7 nerds (dwarfs) were lovable with their different personality quirks and the love story was swoon worthy.

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