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    10 Reasons Betsy Stipa Should Be Hired As BuzzFeeds' New Graphic Designer

    Do I have your attention?

    1. I have a bachelor of arts degree from Lynchburg College and majored in graphic design


    That's Lynchburg. Not Liberty

    2. From 2008 - 2011 I worked for Regal Entertainment Theaters, where I provided excellent customer service.


    And watched ALL THE FREE MOVIES

    3. I completed three internships while attending college. All of which required me to use my graphic abilities and communicate effectively with clients / supervisors


    No it's not Dylan O'Brien.

    4. Most recently I was a graphic designer for Northern Virginia Magazine


    yay real world experience!

    5. I am versed in all Adobe Creative Suites Programs


    Because duh.

    6. I am very active on all social media platforms


    @BetsynotRoss is my handle. Clever innit?

    7. I am a fast learner with a desire to Impress

    See what I did there?

    8. I have great communication and collaborative skills



    9. I am a lover of all things pop culture. (Super fangirl and proud)

    I am fluent in movie quotes and sarcasm

    10. I am an active member in the BuzzFeed Community


    I currently have 7 posts. 3 of which have been promoted by you guys!

    14 Times Mary Poppins Was The Undisputed Queen Of Sass


    Promoted to the Rewind Front Page and Front Page of BuzzFeed

    88 K total views

    19 More Things No One Tells You About Being A "Harry Potter" Fanatic


    Promoted to the Geeky Front Page and Front Page of BuzzFeed

    55K total views

    21 Times Niall Horan Proved He Was Boyfriend Material


    Promoted to the Celebrity Front Page and Front page of BuzzFeed

    62K total views

    Still not convinced? Check out my website for more information


    BS! get it?

    Also I have a cat.


    Isn't that a requirement?

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