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What Were You Thinking, Evolution?

WTF Evolution chronicles evolution's more improbable creations.

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1. Panther Chameleon


A common misconception that chameleons can change into any colour to match their environment, in fact their colour range is dictated by their species and natural environment.

Presumably the natural environment of the panther chameleon is a rave in 1985.

3. Horned Lizard

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The horned lizard defends itself from coyotes by shooting blood out of its eyes. Blood. Out of its eyes.


9. Wattle Cup Caterpillar / Via

The wattle cup caterpillar's sting is said to be worse than three wasp stings, it looks like it listens to screamo and colours itself in with sharpies.

Then it grows up into the most boring looking moth you have ever seen.

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