What Were You Thinking, Evolution?

WTF Evolution chronicles evolution’s more improbable creations.

1. Panther Chameleon

A common misconception that chameleons can change into any colour to match their environment, in fact their colour range is dictated by their species and natural environment.

Presumably the natural environment of the panther chameleon is a rave in 1985.

2. Variable Neon Slug

The variable neon slug is found in the Indo-West Pacific, and likes to party with the panther chameleon.

3. Horned Lizard

The horned lizard defends itself from coyotes by shooting blood out of its eyes. Blood. Out of its eyes.

4. Sheepshead Fish

The sheepshead fish uses it’s rows and rows of teeth to crush the shells of its prey, and not to eat your feet. Well, probably not to eat your feet.

5. European Hairy Crab

The hairy crab knows your laughing, and is plotting its revenge.

6. Blobfish

The blobfish is the laziest fish ever. It just eats whatever happens to float by, and bring slightly less dense than water means it doesn’t need to bother swimming. Laziest fish ever.

7. Piglet Squid

Piglet squid is really happy to see you. Really happy. And would like a cuddle.

8. Pinocchio Frog

The Pinocchio frog can inflate its nose. Nobody knows why.

9. Wattle Cup Caterpillar

The wattle cup caterpillar’s sting is said to be worse than three wasp stings, it looks like it listens to screamo and colours itself in with sharpies.

Then it grows up into the most boring looking moth you have ever seen.

10. Stargazer Fish

The stargazer fish lurks in the sand, eats anything that floats near enough, and will shoot 50 volts into you if you tread on its face.

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