Ten Unusual Knitting Projects

Knitting is excellent, but there’s only so many scarves and jumpers you can make. Here are ten slightly more unusual suggestions…


What do you knit for the girl (or boy) who has everything? Why, a cuddly uterus doll, complete with ovaries and fallopian tubes of course!


This little chap is divine, what could be more pleasing than a knitting octopus? I bet he never drops a stitch.


A knitted two piece, if you get started now you’ll be ready for summer. And so practical: keeping you toasty warm at the beach and as soon as you go in the sea it’ll get waterlogged and fall off.


It is never to early to learn about the joys of Deoxyribonucleic acid. Watson and Crick would be proud.


Delicious and deceptive. Nom.


Brilliant, instant moustache, and no chilly chin.


One for the blokes. Knitted health underwear: who doesn’t feel healthy in fishnet pants?


Just like an actual iPhone. With added snuggle.


Know a tiny person who yearns to pillage? This is the hat for them.


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