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19 Products From Amazon That'll Make Perfect Gifts

A ball pit for ferrets, 64 oz. of garlic parmesan wing sauce, an electronic yodeling pickle, and 16 other things you’ll want to give to your loved ones this holiday season.

Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

Need a gift idea? Amazon has a section featuring products that people buy as gifts most often.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from the section this week:

1. A sweatshirt for believers.

Promising review: "If you want a hoodie that's different and draws attention, this is it. Can't really get more different than an alpaca with a unicorn horn in neon colors." --Amazon Customer

Price: $25.99+ / Available in 42 designs, sizes S-XL.

2. A mini portable multimedia projector for making the most out of movie night.,

Promising review: "I was blown away by the quality of this projector for the price. We tested it out last night in our living room with it projected on the wall/solar shade we have, and the picture was bright and clear. I'm excited to set up our screen and play an outdoor movie. I'm not a tech whiz, but this is very user-friendly and easily connected to our Fire TV Stick. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for an awesome projector on a budget!" --Rachel RG

Price: $97.95

3. An owl backrest pillow for little readers.

Promising review: "My daughter teaches third grade, and I got six of these for the reading corner in her classroom. The kids absolutely love them. These pillows have made the kids much more excited about reading, and the reading corner is now the 'cool place to be' in the classroom! I highly recommend these for classrooms or kids' playrooms/bedrooms." --SLK

Price: $34.95

4. A shucking knife with a wooden handle and slip guard for the oysters-on-the-half-shell enthusiast.

Promising review: "For such a reasonable price, this is an amazing knife. The wooden handle is beautiful and the quality and finish of the steel is up there with much more expensive kitchenware. The guard of the knife substantially helps you avoid slipping and catching yourself. The handle has a good feel and provides ample torque to open the oysters. I bought this as a holiday present but will probably be buying another for myself." --Andrew Wood

Price: $14.95

5. 64 oz. of Sweet Baby Ray's Garlic Parmesan Wing Sauce that'll step up your wing game.

Promising review: "I've been looking for a garlic-parmesan based, non-buffalo style wing sauce for a long time. This is as good as it gets: has great flavor, sticks to the wings, and makes a great dipping sauce to boot. Every bit as tasty as the expensive wing chain sauces." --Bones

Price: $20.24/64 oz.

6. Wine glass and bottle stakes for getting all-terrain tipsy.

Promising review: "These are the perfect height for low-backed chairs or sitting on a picnic blanket, for the beach or outdoor concerts. They're sturdy, well-made, and a good value, especially considering that another brand is selling just the wine bottle stake alone for the same price. I just came back here to order a second set and leave a much-deserved five-star review." --J. Decker

Price: $15.99

7. A Darth Vader bathmat because Star Wars fandom knows no bounds.

Promising review: "My son was THRILLED when we redecorated his bathroom in Darth Vader everything." --MandaBK

Price: $24.37 / Listing includes a Stormtrooper lotion pump, Kylo Ren shower curtain, Darth Vader toothbrush holder, and more!

8. A fully functioning, modern-day upright phone for nostalgia lovers.

Promising review: "We built a new house and specifically had a place in a wall built just for this phone. It is just like my grandmother's. It's not our main functioning phone, but I use it often. It's a real conversation piece for youngsters that have only experienced today's phones. It works great and I love the look of it. The ringer even sounds like the old phones." --Danielle Sprueill

Price: $53.99 / Also available in silver.

9. Mosh Potatoes, a cookbook for those who sleep and breathe heavy metal...and intend to eat it, too.

Promising review: "In the Perfect Metal Universe, everyone would have a copy of this book. It's an entertaining and interesting read in general, with some fascinating anecdotes. And the recipes are pretty awesome, too. Haven't tried Lemmy's recipe yet, but Max Cavalera's chicken barbecue and Mathias Nygard's planked salmon are totally horns-up!" --Amazon Customer

Price: $10.87

10. A de-icing cable that melts snow and keeps your roof and gutters ice-free.,

Promising review: "The photo of the area just above the gutter is awesome. A small snow bridge is at the bottom but no ice has formed. This used to be a three-to-four-times-a-winter, unpleasant, four-hour project in 20 degree weather that could easily have damaged the shingles (as I would have to use a chisel and hammer to remove the four-to-six-inch-thick ice wall). I now actually go out of my way to look out this window and appreciate a product that works." --BDT

Price: $40.06/20 ft / Also available in 80 ft, 120 ft, 160 ft, and 200 ft.

11. A spiky, fearsome plush Pusheenosaurus that is arguably Pusheen in her best form.

Promising review: "OHHHH MY GOSH HE'S ADORABLE!!!!!" --SapphireeIris

Price: $17.30

12. A yodeling pickle. Everyone knows at least one person that would fucking love to have an electronic yodeling pickle. / Via

Promising review: "My 12-year-old niece asked for the Justin Bieber CD for Christmas, so I bought her this yodeling pickle. Nobody so far can tell the difference." --Jenny Lynne

Price: $11.53

13. A six-foot cotton canvas teepee for meditators or little imaginers. / Via

Promising review: "I've gotten so many compliments on this teepee. My daughter and I read books in it. It's easy to assemble -- I set it up myself and it took me about 30 minutes. The size is quite large but it fits in one corner of my daughter's bedroom. Very spacious inside. Worth every penny." --YM

Price: $85

14. A 16GB revolver flash drive for shooting data into your computer hole.

Promising review: "My flash drive is better than yours." --Stacy D. Smith

Price: $10.79+

15. The perfect proatmeal spoon for your spotter.

Promising review: "You can actually get a good wrist workout with it while eating breakfast...seriously." --Nikki

Price: $8.42

16. A folding hockey goal, sticks, and ball set that isn't an iPad, go outside. / Via

Promising review: "My three sons love these sticks and hockey goal. We have had this set for a couple of years now and play hockey almost daily in the driveway. My husband and I join in sometimes too. I am buying our second set to put at the other end of the driveway and to have more sticks. I am very thrilled with this set and would recommend it to anyone considering buying. You may want to buy two!" --R. Colby

Price: $42.06

17. A ball pit for ferrets, cuz ferrets just want to have fun. Oh ferrets, they want to haaaaave fuuuun.,

Promising review: "I have a single ferret so I like to keep him entertained with a variety of toys. This is perfect for him to play in alone or with his 'friends' when they have playdates. Great product, and I will probably attach a super-throughway in the future for added fun!" --southerngirl2012

Price: $16.24

18. A knitted rooster tea cozy for mild entertainment/keeping your teapot warm on the table.

Promising review: "Love my chicken cosy! Keeps my teapot warm and looks adorable! I have a basic ceramic six-cup teapot and it fits perfectly!" --SuperA

Price: $21.99

19. And a Lego tie bar clip for the tie-wearer with whimsy.

Promising review: "I bought this tie clip as a Christmas gift for my dad. He wears a cartoon tie to work everyday and I figured a Lego tie clip would go well with them. He absolutely loves it." --Alicia

Price: $11.95 / Available in 10 colors.

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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