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23 Little Things You Can Get For A Brokenhearted Friend

Hello, my name is Betsy Dickerson. You hurt my friend. Prepare to die.

Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

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1. A new hoodie or bedsheets, because the old ones are a prison of smells and memories.

Get hoodie for $58 at Everlane. Find sheets on Amazon.

2. Let them cry into this plush yeti, who's somehow still warmer than their ex's heart.

Get it for $28 from warmpersonality on Etsy.

3. Decorate gifts of alcohol with your personalized rallying cry.

Get one page of labels for $9.99 at Sticker You.

4. Give them a cozy fleece blanket for hiding from the world.

Get it for $29.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond.

5. And mirrored sunglasses to give them a new perspective (and/or so no one sees them cry in public).

Get them for $50 on Amazon.

6. And a candle because He would've never done this to them. Just saying.

Get the candle for $16.95 from Holy Pop Culture on Etsy.

7. Subscribe your best girl to a monthly reminder that she is beautiful and powerful and her best self is yet to come.

Get a 3-month subscription for $69 at GlossyBox.

8. Give them the gift of mindless snacking and decent fiber intake with 3.5 gallons of "Hang in There" popcorn.

Get it for $39 at The Popcorn Factory.

9. Send a witty card that keeps it real.

10. Ask, "What would Beyoncé do?"

If Beyoncé can be wronged, none of us are safe.

Get it for $15.62 at Amazon.

11. (We know exactly what Beyoncé would do).,,

Get cardboard boxes ($4.29/5) and packing tape ($3.19) at Amazon.

12. Let them come home to a fresh new start.

Get a quote for a cleaning service in your area here.

13. Purchase Nutella in bulk.

Get it for $97.78 at Amazon.

14. And don't forget the motivational spoon.

Get it for $18 from Sycamore Hill on Etsy.

15. Purchase a good glove for all of the angry sports.

Get them for $39.55 on Amazon.

16. And a bold necklace because your girl is Cleopatra AF and doesn't need no man.

Get it for $58.50 at Boden.

17. Plus a Spafinder gift card, because "treat yo' self" is actually a reasonably justifiable motto right now.

Get one for $25, $50, or $100 on Amazon.

18. Hand them this empowering tote.

Get it at Redbubble for $22.50.

19. And this dainty way to express their new mantra.

Get it for $54.79 from Neoromantica on Etsy.

20. Give them healthy, legal access to a good night's sleep.

Get it for $2.16 at Amazon.

21. Motivate them to refocus and be mindful with a beautiful new mat.

It comes in 20 different colors/patterns.

Get it for $22.73 on Amazon.

22. Get them lost in someone else's narrative, because theirs is a dumpster fire.,,,

Get paperback versions (hardcover and kindle also available) for $8.96, $9.60, $5.49, and $9.41 on Amazon.

23. And let them know that being a hot mess is okay, because you are too and so is everyone, and you're gonna make it through this together.

Get it for $22.99 from Alicia Watkins on Etsy.

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