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    25 Products That'll Tell People To GTFO

    ♫ I want to be, where the people aren't ♫

    1. A morning vibes mug.

    2. A book for your commute.

    3. A banner for your going-away-from-humans-and-never-coming-back bash.

    4. A tee that just gets you.

    5. A phone case that's soft, kinda protective, and says "fuck off" while being clingy, like a real cat.

    6. A welcome mat.

    7. A message to anyone who's convinced of their ownership over your facial expressions.

    8. This garden gnome.

    9. A duvet that reiterates what the closed door apparently failed to make clear.

    10. A shirt that knows honesty is the best policy.

    11. A phone case with a polite suggestion.

    12. A tote that broadcasts how you feel about unwanted interactions/advances.

    13. Keyring labels that may act as subtle social deterrents.

    14. A sweatshirt that doesn't have time for anyone's shit.

    15. A little Monday flare.

    16. A tote for quiet, artistic types.

    17. A tee that prioritizes personal space.

    18. Heart patches that want what the heart wants.

    19. A sleep mask for living out hibernation fantasies.

    20. A cute print for your breakfast nook.

    21. A needlepoint for home: where the heart is — and the people aren't.

    22. Little reminders for drivers who think the painted lines are mere suggestions.

    23. A fleece blanket warmer than a human embrace.

    24. This tank, 'cuz cals > pals.

    25. And a hat that wouldn't be caught dead.